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5 Reasons for Triathletes to Join In On National Learn to Row Day

By Hydrow | June 06, 2022, 3:36 p.m. (ET)

man using a hydrow rowing machine

Rowing is quickly becoming the go-to workout for cross training and triathletes are taking notice. Few sports target more muscles in less time. While biking and running mainly hit the lower half, rowing is a true full-body workout — legs, arms, shoulders, glutes, core — making the rowing machine a solid addition to your triathlon training. 

In celebration of National Learn to Row Day (June 4, 2022), Hydrow Strength and Conditioning Coach Peter Donohoe, two-time Olympian and former track and field star, explains the top five reasons you should take up rowing. 

Check out the five reasons here, from Hydrow