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Grant Recipient Spotlight- iracelikeagirl

By Callie Mauser, USA Triathlon | Oct. 01, 2020, 9 a.m. (ET)

Grant Recipient Spotlight  

USA Triathlon Foundation COVID-19 Relief Fund Follow-Up: iracelikeagirl 




The USA Triathlon Foundation received 173 applications and more than $866,000 in requests for grant funding from USA Triathlon-certified race directors and race management organizations; USA Triathlon-certified coaches and clubs; and other individuals and organizations impacted by the pandemic. So far, the USA Triathlon Foundation has distributed more than $110,000 in grant funding, with additional recipients to be selected through the remainder of the year. Over the next few weeks, we will continue to share stories of some of the recipients.


iracelikeagirl is a women’s endurance team and community created and supported by Canadian professional triathlete Angela Naeth. The team aims to provide opportunities for girls and women of all ages and abilities to support, encourage and inspire one another in the sports of triathlon, cycling, running and swimming. This unique project gives new and seasoned athletes the opportunity to be part of a team and enjoy a community that brings out the best in themselves and others.


With funds from the USA Triathlon Foundation, iracelikeagirl was able to create a public online community that aligns with their mission, called Gritty2gether. Gritty2gether unites women runners and triathletes from around the world in triathlon and running, providing a welcoming space to ask questions, share advice and support like-minded women. The forum provides connections to training partners, race meetups, events or even a casual coffee chat.


Angela’s mission is to have “more impact and connection with women runners and triathletes and help support them,” and she is excited to continue “bringing together this great team!”


To learn more, connect with Angela Naeth on instagram, iracelikeagirl on instagram and Facebook, and at