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A Message from USA Triathlon CEO Rocky Harris

By USA Triathlon | March 18, 2020, 3:46 p.m. (ET)

Dear USA Triathlon Family,

These are challenging times. As we all navigate the momentous impact of COVID-19 on our daily lives and those of our loved ones, we are also faced with the reality that our multisport world has been impacted significantly.

But we’re athletes. We’re strong. We adapt. We overcome adversity. And, I urge you to tap into these attributes to stay flexible and positive through the uncertainty. For many of you, the status of your upcoming races may have changed. As a multisport athlete myself, I’m experiencing this alongside all of you. Countless hours dedicated to training. Numerous sacrifices made to our families, careers and social lives. Our daily workout plans and future travel schedules forced to shift unexpectedly. But despite the uncertainty, this is a good time to remember why we swim, bike and run — aside from the gratification of race day. To benefit our physical and mental health. To challenge ourselves in ways we may never have thought possible. To set a positive example for our kids and others we care about.

And remember that although our routine has changed, we can still strive to be the best versions of ourselves through this amazing sport we love. With some flexibility and creativity, we can still maintain a healthy, active lifestyle and keep sight of our goals ahead. More importantly, we should use this time to be there for our family and friends, and support our triathlon community. I have spent the past week supporting my wife and three kids as we help each other through this, but I am also connecting with athletes, coaches, club directors and race directors as they are my extended family

Please be patient with our race directors as they manage through unpredictable challenges. While we as athletes are dealing with the uncertainty and are feeling the impact of races being rescheduled or even canceled, race directors produce events because they are passionate about helping us reach our personal goals, but more importantly this is their livelihood and how they support their families. We need to give them the benefit of the doubt and be patient as they navigate through this very difficult time. After all, as you know well, triathlon might be an individual sport but we’re all a part of the same community.

We at USA Triathlon will be here to support you during this trying time and we want to provide you with a few specific updates on our response to COVID-19:

USA Triathlon-Sanctioned Races: USA Triathlon is supporting our race directors as they make decisions to postpone or cancel events across the country based on guidance from local authorities and government agencies. Race directors and organizers will continue to communicate directly with their registered athletes with status updates on specific events. USA Triathlon will communicate any changes to the USA Triathlon National Championships schedule; you can view the current status at

USA Triathlon National Office Operations: As of this week, all USA Triathlon National Office staff are working remotely in order to limit the exposure and spread of COVID-19 in our communities. Rest assured that you can still reach the USA Triathlon Membership Team by phone at 719-955-2807 — your call will be forwarded to a staff member during business hours — or by email at

Our New Normal: You can continue to expect the sport’s newest training content on and our @usatriathlon social channels, including tips on how to continue your multisport lifestyle during this unprecedented time. Looking for a fresh batch of indoor workouts? Ways to maintain your swimming fitness without access to a pool? Ideas for getting your kids involved while they’re home from school? With contributions from our USA Triathlon-certified coaches, we’ll have you covered. We also want to hear from you! Please share your personal stories and unique approaches to training by emailing You may be featured on our website or social channels.

How Can We Help You? The health, safety and well-being of our USA Triathlon family and the community at large remains our highest priority. If you have specific concerns you feel are not being addressed by USA Triathlon, please don’t hesitate to reach out to We’ll be keeping track of the inquiries we receive and issuing large-scale updates from USA Triathlon as appropriate. Visit for the most up-to-date information.

We’re triathletes. No matter the circumstances, we find ways to adapt. Let’s get through this together.


Rocky Harris

USA Triathlon CEO