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Voting Opens for Round 1 of the #TriWeek Triathlon Tournament Bracket

By Nick Hehemann, USA Triathlon | June 17, 2020, 3:56 p.m. (ET)

National Triathlon Week (#TriWeek) is all about celebrating triathlon, so what better time to celebrate — and debate — some of the greatest U.S. moments in our sport’s 46-year history?

Introducing the #TriWeek Triathlon Tournament Bracket!


Each day during #TriWeek (June 22-28), you’ll have the opportunity to vote on the top U.S. triathlon moments of all time — round by round, matchup by matchup. The moment with the highest number of votes in each matchup at the end of the day will advance to the next round. At the end of the week, our community will have crowned a champion for the greatest moment in our country’s history of swim, bike and run.

Round 1 voting is now open and you can make all of your picks below.

After weeks of internal research and debate, as well as involvement from experts in the sport outside of our organization, we’ve done our best to make a field of the top 40 moments — 20 on each side of the bracket, in honor of the year 2020.

The bracket is broken up into four regions — Swim, Bike, Run and Transition — meaning the moments in each section are seeded 1-10, respectively.

While each moment holds special significance in the history of the sport, we’ve ranked them in order, with the 1 seeds representing those four moments we feel are the best of the best. Ultimately though, it’s up to you to vote, and up to you to decide a champion at the end of #TriWeek.

Featured on the bracket are some of the most incredible athletic performances in U.S. triathlon history — like Gwen Jorgensen’s 2016 Olympic gold medal, the “Iron War” between IRONMAN legends Mark Allen and Dave Scott, the U.S. Paratriathlon podium sweep at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio and so much more.

We also wanted to highlight moments that made a huge impact on the growth of the sport — such as triathlon being named an NCAA Emerging Sport for Women, the creation and popularity of the U.S. Triathlon Series and the Danskin Women’s Series and the Sports Illustrated article in 1979 on the IRONMAN that gave triathlon national media exposure.

We’ve ranked them all, and now it’s your turn to VOTE!

The polls in every round will be available for a total of 24 hours, with voting opening and closing each day during #TriWeek at 11 a.m. MT. Round 1 voting opens Monday, Round of 32 on Tuesday, the Sweet 16 on Wednesday, the Elite 8 on Thursday, the Final Four on Friday and the Championship on Saturday. By Sunday night, June 28, we will have a champion.

Due to the nature of having a field of 40, seeds 7-10 in every region will compete head-to-head in the “play-in” Round 1 matchups, while the top 6 seeds in every region have a bye to Tuesday’s Round of 32.

Click here to learn more about each of the 40 moments and make your Round 1 picks below. One you've selected your favorite moments, click "Finish" to submit your picks.