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National Champions Crowned in Four Multisport Disciplines on Day Two in Miami

By USA Triathlon | Nov. 10, 2019, 9:02 p.m. (ET)

MIAMI — The USA Triathlon Multisport National Championships wrapped up Sunday in Miami, as 105 athletes earned national titles across four multisport disciplines.

The second annual Multisport National Championships were held as part of the Miami Man Triathlon, hosted by MultiRace. Sunday’s schedule featured championship events in long-course triathlon (swim-bike-run), long-course duathlon (run-bike-run), long-course aquabike (swim-bike) and international-distance aquabike (swim-bike). Multisport Nationals also included an aquathlon (swim-run), held on Saturday. Click here for the full aquathlon race recap. In total, more than 2,000 athletes competed throughout the weekend.

The course for all races was centered at Larry and Penny Thompson Memorial Park in Miami-Dade county. Athletes swam in Larry and Penny’s Lake and biked on paved roads through unincorporated farmland areas of Redland, Florida. The run course wound through the palm tree-lined Zoo Miami, passing various animal exhibits before returning to Larry and Penny Park for the finish.

In the long course triathlon event, athletes covered a 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike and 13.1-mile run. Kyle Hooker (Bremerton, Wash., M30-34) took first overall for men in 4 hours, 7 minutes, 14 seconds. Jacob Capin (Aurora, Colo., M30-34) was second on the overall Nationals podium in 4:13:28, and Christopher Loy (Denver, Colo., M30-34) was third in 4:18:57.

Kayla Pokomy (Estero, Fla., F30-34) was the first overall female in the long course triathlon in 4:37:17, followed by Laura McDonald (Los Angeles, Calif., F35-39) in 4:38:03 and Carolina Ponce (Aventura, Fla., F45-49) in 4:52:22.

In the long course duathlon, Jeff Wilson (Akron, Ohio, M30-34), broke the tape for the men, covering the 2-mile run, 56-mile bike, 13.1-mile run course in 3:50:47. Nicholas Watson (Ada, Mich., M45-49) was second in 4:00:03, and Alex Arman (Boulder, Colo., M30-34) completed the overall podium in 4:01:14.

Jennifer Rapaport (North Palm Beach, Fla., F55-59) successfully defended her overall long course duathlon title, crossing the line as the first woman overall in 4:32:14. The runner-up spot went to Kari Giles (Austell, Ga., F35-39) in 4:37:02, and Susan Brooker (Boulder, Colo., F55-59) took third in 4:55:07.

The long course aquabike featured a 1.2-mile swim followed by a 56-mile bike. Mike Shaffer (Ventura, Calif., M50-54) took the overall win for the men, crossing the line in 2:46:09. Blair Saunders (Newark, Del., M50-54) was less than a minute behind Shaffer for second in 2:47:08. Rounding out the overall podium was Kurt Holt (Santa Rosa, Calif., M40-44) in 2:48:12.

The women’s overall long course aquabike winner was Valerie Valle (St. Petersburg, Fla., F40-44) with a time of 2:55:32. Julia Wreski (Fort Myers, Fla., F45-49) took second in 3:01:15, and Juliet Hochman (Portland, Ore., F50-54) was third in 3:07:16.

In the international-distance aquabike, athletes covered a 0.6-mile swim followed by a 22-mile bike. Ramses Rodriguez (Port St. Lucie, Fla., M45-49) took the tape for the men in 1:04:01.

Women’s overall champion 
Amber Smolik (Stafford, Texas, F35-39) was the second athlete across the line overall, finishing just three seconds after Rodriguez in 1:04:04.

Taking second overall for men in the international-distance aquabike was Ragnar Mendez (Fort Lauderdale, Fla., M35-39) in 1:04:58. Third place went to Justin Kahn (Coral Springs, Fla., M17-19) in 1:06:24. Michele Kisel (Cordova, Tenn., F35-39) was the women’s overall runner-up with a time of 1:08:27, and Kelsey Abbott (Osprey, Fla., F40-44) rounded out the podium in 1:09:36.

Across all four disciplines, 18 athletes successfully defended their age-group titles from 2018. Back-to-back champions are marked with an asterisk in the results below. 

An international-distance triathlon (0.6-mile swim, 22-mile bike, 6.6-mile run) was also held Sunday, but was not a national championship event.

In all national championship races except the international-distance aquabike, top finishers in each age group earned the opportunity to represent Team USA at the 2020 ITU Age Group World Championships in their respective disciplines. The ITU Aquathlon, Aquabike and Long Distance Triathlon World Championships will be held as part of the 2020 ITU Multisport World Championships Festival set for Sept. 4-13 in Almere-Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The 2020 ITU Long Distance Duathlon World Championships will be held Sept. 20 in Zofingen, Switzerland.

Top finishers in the long course duathlon event also qualified to represent Team USA at the 2020 ITU Middle Distance Duathlon World Championships, set for May 16 in Viborg, Denmark. For more information about qualifying and competing for Team USA, visit

For complete results, photos, schedule and event information for the USA Triathlon Multisport National Championships, visit

The USA Triathlon Multisport National Championships Festival will return to Miami on Nov. 14-15, 2020. Registration will open in the coming weeks.

USA Triathlon Long Course Triathlon National Championships
1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike, 13.1-mile run 

National Champions — Complete Results

*Denotes back-to-back national champions

Male Overall: Kyle Hooker (Bremerton, Wash.), 4:07:14
Female Overall: Kayla Pokorny (Estero, Fla.), 4:37:17
M17-19: Santiago Correa (Miami, Fla.), 5:10:15
F17-19: Cassie Lawlor (Boca Raton, Fla.), 7:35:03
M20-24: Bryan Mooney (Boulder, Colo.), 4:19:28
F20-24: Bridget Reid (Atlanta, Ga.), 6:25:33
M25-29: Joachim Philipps (Charlotte, N.C.), 4:19:57
F25-29: Isabel Ahrendt (Dallas, Texas), 5:19:21
M30-34: Kyle Hooker (Bremerton, Wash.), 4:07:14
F30-34: Kayla Pokorny (Estero, Fla.), 4:37:17
M35-39: John Cline (Boston, Mass.), 4:33:22
F35-39: Laura McDonald (Los Angeles, Calif.), 4:38:03
M40-44: Vincenzo Marchione (Middletown, Del.), 4:26:29*
F40-44: Danielle Kays (Pinehurst, N.C.), 5:03:34
M45-49: Tedd Girouard (Las Vegas, Nev.), 4:41:39
F45-49: Carolina Ponce (Aventura, Fla.), 4:52:22
M50-54: Shannon Kurek (Granville, Ohio), 4:40:57
F50-54: Steph Popelar (Elizabeth, Colo.), 5:16:38
M55-59: Mark Hecox (Salem, N.H.), 4:51:59
F55-59: Rebecca Smith (West Chester, Pa.), 5:47:30
M60-64: Ron Gierut (Cedar Rapids, Iowa), 4:56:35
F60-64: Ellen Hart (Denver, Colo.), 5:35:28
M65-69: Mike Wien (Boulder, Colo.), 5:53:13*
F65-69: Trijnie Roozendaal (Oostzaan, N.H.), 7:45:54
M70-74: Warren Everett (Huntsville, Ala.), 7:30:08
F70-74: Lesley Tuggle (Gardnerville, Nev.), 7:59:37
F Athena 0-39: Brycie Millis (Delray Beach, Fla.), 7:11:42
F Athena 40-54: Meridith Stafford (Weston, Fla.), 6:44:56
M Clydesdale 0-39: Nathan Gaylord (St. Petersburg, Fla.), 6:49:54
M Clydesdale 40-59: John MacLeod (Lakeland, Fla.), 8:08:22

USA Triathlon Long Course Duathlon National Championships
2-mile run, 56-mile bike, 13.1-mile run

National Champions — Complete Results

*Denotes back-to-back national champions

Male Overall: Jeff Wilson (Akron, Ohio), 3:50:47
Female Overall: Jennifer Rapaport (North Palm Beach, Fla.), 4:32:14*
M20-24: Dixon Atkins (Buffalo, N.Y.), 4:27:48
F25-29: Gabrielle Suver (Tavares, Fla.), 5:05:53
M30-34: Jeff Wilson (Akron, Ohio), 3:50:47
F30-34: Sarah Chavez, 6:23:09 
M35-39: Miguel Contreras (Moncks Corner, S.C.), 4:38:17
F35-39: Kari Giles (Austell, Ga.), 4:37:02
M40-44: Jamison Smith (Laguna Beach, Calif.), 4:14:37
F40-44: Laura Epelbaum (Berwyn, Pa.), 4:58:46
M45-49: Nicholas Watson (Ada, Mich.), 4:00:03
F45-49: Nadia Chisler (Santa Fe, N.M.), 6:18:16
M50-54: Glen Thompson (Davidson, N.C.), 4:16:05
F50-54: Jennifer Ward (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.), 5:26:14
M55-59: Rick Cordes (Alamo, Calif.), 4:23:43
F55-59: Jennifer Rapaport (North Palm Beach, Fla.), 4:32:14*
M60-64: Glenn James (Marietta, Ga.), 5:05:07
F60-64: Suzanne Cordes (Alamo, Calif.), 5:20:32
M65-69: James Griffis (The Woodlands, Texas), 5:04:10
F65-69: Marianne Salamon Cowan (North Chesterfield, Va.), 7:15:51
M70-74: Bernie Kappler (Turnersville, N.J.), 6:47:38
F Athena 40-54: Leslie Battle (Warwick, R.I.), 5:57:20
M Clydesdale 40-59: Anthony Deros (Ft. Meyers, Fla.), 6:25:04

USA Triathlon Long Course Aquabike National Championships
1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike

National Champions — Complete Results

*Denotes back-to-back national champions

Male Overall: Mike Shaffer (Ventura, Calif.), 2:46:09
Female Overall: Valerie Valle (St. Petersburg, Fla.), 2:55:32
F20-24: Olivia Wiest (Butler, Pa.), 4:00:25*
M25-29: Rory Marsh (Lake Forest, Ill.), 3:00:00
F25-29: Hannah Stoever (Encinitas, Calif.), 3:12:10
M30-34: Phillip Young (Memphis, Tenn.), 2:49:04*
F30-34: Morgan Schutz (Pine Bush, N.Y.), 3:13:59
M35-39: Cleyton Souza (Sunny Isles Beach, Fla.), 2:59:28
F35-39: Abbey Sundermeyer (Bridgeton, Mo.), 3:07:23
M40-44: Kurt Holt (Santa Rosa, Calif.), 2:48:12*
F40-44: Valerie Valle (St. Petersburg, Fla.), 2:55:32*
M45-49: Ryan Koonce (Lone Tree, Colo.), 2:52:09
F45-49: Julia Wreski (Fort Myers, Fla.), 3:01:15*
M50-54: Mike Shaffer (Ventura, Calif.), 2:46:09
F50-54: Juliet Hochman (Portland, Ore.), 3:07:16
M55-59: Tim Bradley (Merrick, N.Y.), 2:58:48
F55-59: Barbara Cronin-Stagnari (Mineola, N.Y.), 3:12:02*
M60-64: Michael McCombs (Gilford, N.H.), 3:03:54
F60-64: Sandy Hoskins (Ocala, Fla.), 3:34:38
M65-69: David Morrow (Tarpon Springs, Fla.), 3:16:45
F65-69: Marci Sadorf (St. Petersburg, Fla.), 4:26:56
M70-74: Rob Watson (San Diego, Calif.), 3:34:23
F70-74: Sarah DeGive (Santa Fe, N.M.), 4:00:12
M75-79: David Robinette (Highlands Ranch, Colo.), 3:59:47*
M80-84: Fredric Silverblatt (North Kingstown, R.I.), 4:59:39*
F Athena 0-39: Rozanne Larsen (Washington, D.C.), 3:19:08
F Athena 40-54: Dianna Bridges (Belleview, Fla.), 4:02:29
F Athena 55+: Rhoda Miel (Ann Arbor, Mich.), 4:12:50
M Clydesdale 0-39: Miguel Cristovao (Providence, R.I.), 3:35:31
M Clydesdale 40-59: Damian Garrison (Fortville, Ind.), 3:24:35

USA Triathlon International-Distance Aquabike National Championships
0.6-mile swim, 22-mile bike

National Champions — Complete Results

*Denotes back-to-back national champions

Male Overall: Ramses Rodriguez (Port St. Lucie, Fla.), 1:04:01
Female Overall: Amber Smolik (Stafford, Texas), 1:04:04
M17-19: Justin Kahn (Coral Springs, Fla.), 1:06:24
M25-29: Kevin Felix (Ft. Myers, Fla.), 1:36:26
F25-29: Sofia Viotto Brandao (Miami, Fla.), 1:27:20
M30-34: Andres Boutsaktsian (Miami, Fla.), 1:36:28
F30-34: Esley Svanas (Washington, D.C.), 2:03:59
M35-39: Ragnar Mendez (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.), 1:04:58
F35-39: Amber Smolik (Stafford, Texas), 1:04:04
M40-44: Javier Opoczynski (Aventura, Fla.), 1:21:57*
F40-44: Kelsey Abbott (Osprey, Fla.), 1:09:36
M45-49: Ramses Rodriguez (Port St. Lucie, Fla.), 1:04:01
F45-49: Robin Kremer (Tucson, Ariz.), 1:13:35
M50-54: Billy Hart (Atlantic Beach, Fla.), 1:12:44
F50-54: Lauren Jensen McGinnis (Muskego, Wis.), 1:10:03*
M55-59: Kevin Elmore (Murrieta, Calif.), 1:15:23*
F55-59: Stephanie Khan (McLean, Va.), 1:16:03
M60-64: Don Davis (Mobile, Ala.), 1:24:27
F60-64: Lorrie Beck (Williamstown, N.J.), 1:20:37
M65-69: Jim Sumara (Jacksonville, Fla.), 1:13:29*
F65-69: Carol Hassell (West Palm Beach, Fla.), 1:15:55
M70-74: Barry Rowe (Louisville, Ky.), 1:17:32
F70-74: Barbara Kostner (Lakewood, Colo.), 1:38:30
M75-79: Geir Ingolfsrud (Clermont, Fla.), 1:25:04*
F75-79: Lois Leon (Miami, Fla.), 1:33:00
F80-84: Luise Easton (Westlake, Ohio), 2:01:26*
F Athena 0-39: Laura Youldon (Falls Church, Va.), 1:48:54
F Athena 40-54: Diana Hedrick (Coral Springs, Fla.), 2:08:40
F Athena 55+: Nancy McCormick (Seminole, Fla.), 1:24:38
M Clydesdale 40-59: Scott Conway (Cary, N.C.), 1:12:42

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