Weekend Notebook: Americans Sprint to Silver

By Nick Hehemann, USA Triathlon | May 13, 2019, 5:38 p.m. (ET)

Chengdu ITU Triathlon World Cup

There’s nothing like a sprint finish, and the Chengdu ITU Triathlon World Cup delivered two fantastic ones featuring elite U.S. athletes. Americans Ben Kanute (Phoenix, Ariz.) and Renée Tomlin (Ocean City, N.J.) each held off their competitors in a couple thrilling races to the finish line Sunday in China, earning silver medals in their respective men’s and women’s divisions.

Kanute beat out bronze medalist Alexis Lepage of Canada by a nose, while Australian Matthew Hauser broke the tape for men’s gold. Seth Rider (Germantown, Tenn.) was the next highest U.S. finisher after Kanute, placing fifth on the day and just 11 seconds off the podium. Kevin McDowell (Phoenix, Ariz.) took 13th.

In the women’s race, Tomlin managed to outrun Belgium’s Valerie Barthelemy to finish a second ahead of the bronze medalist. Germany’s Laura Lindemann took the gold by 16 seconds.


Elite Men’s Podium

1. Matthew Hauser (AUS), 27:42

2. Ben Kanute (Phoenix, Ariz.), 27:55

3. Alexis Lepage (CAN), 27:55


Elite Women’s Podium

1. Laura Lindemann (GER), 31:18

2. Renée Tomlin (Ocean City, N.J.), 31:34

3. Valerie Barthelemy (BEL), 31:35


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IRONMAN 70.3 Gulf Coast

U.S. pro triathlete T.J. Tollakson (Des Moines, Iowa) stood atop the podium in the men’s race at IRONMAN 70.3 Gulf Coast in Panama City Beach, Florida on Saturday. The American won the race by more than a minute over Chile’s Felipe Van De Wyngard and France’s Yvan Jarrige, who rounded out the podium in second and third, respectively. Matt Russell (Sarasota, Fla.) was the next highest U.S. finisher in fourth place.

Two Americans stood on the podium in the women’s race, as Lauren Brandon (Fort Worth, Texas) and Laura Mathews (Memphis, Tenn.) took silver and bronze, respectively. Australia’s Carrie Lester broke the tape, sealing the victory with a nearly 11-minute cushion. In all, five American women finished in the top six, with Rachel Olson (Houston, Texas), Sarah Alexander (Shaker Heights, Ohio) and Kelly Fillnow (Charlotte, N.C.) placing fourth, fifth and sixth.


Elite Men’s Podium

1. T.J. Tollakson (Des Moines, Iowa), 3:54:19

2. Felipe Van De Wyngard (CHL), 3:55:25

3. Yvan Jarrige (FRA), 3:56:29


Elite Women’s Podium

1. Carrie Lester (AUS), 4:15:57

2. Lauren Brandon (Fort Worth, Texas), 4:26:28

3. Laura Mathews (Memphis, Tenn.), 4:28:54


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First time on the podium as a pro at 70.3 Gulf Coast yesterday🥉! There is still lots of room for improvement in my performance and I know I am capable of a lot more, but I’m slowly moving in the right direction. Congratulations @carrieelester and @laurenbbrandon on a great race! . The swim was rough; the waves made it really hard to see the bouys and I found myself swimming off course a few times. After biking well in Galveston, I had the confidence to be really aggressive on the bike and moved into 3rd. I was passed early in the run but held myself together well enough in the heat to move back into 3rd in the last 2 miles. . A huge thank you to my biggest supporter, my mom. For the past 3 Mother’s days, she has been at either my graduation or one of my races, but never once even mentioned it. I wish I had a picture/video of her shrieking and cheering when she saw me coming in 3rd at the finish line. She was way more excited than I was. Happy Mother’s Day! . . . #gulfcoast703 #im703gulfcoast #im703 #triathlon #trilife #swimming #biking #cycling #running #swimbikerun #teamnuun #3athlonlife #triathlete #athlete #triathlontraining #raceday #podiumfinish #rehabetc #orthosouth #tabororthopedics #nuunlife

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IRONMAN 70.3 Monterrey

A day later in Monterrey, Mexico, two American women were once again on an IRONMAN 70.3 podium. Except, this time, they took the top two spots. Lauren Goss (Boulder, Colo.) got the win at IRONMAN 70.3 Monterrey, while fellow U.S. athlete Sarah Piampiano (San Francisco, Calif.) earned the silver. Mexico’s Maria Eugenia Barrera Anduaga rounded out the podium in her home country. Linsey Corbin (Missoula, Monta.) placed fourth, making it three Americans in the top four.


Elite Women’s Podium

1. Lauren Goss (Boulder, Colo.), 4:06:32

2. Sarah Piampiano (San Francisco, Calif.), 4:15:53

3. Maria Eugenia Barrera Anduaga (MEX), 4:16:35


Elite Men’s Podium

1. Brent McMahon (CAN), 3:43:19

2. Franciso Serrano (MEX), 3:48:27

3. Diego Baca (MEX), 3:54:16


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IRONMAN 70.3 Monterrey champ! The past month has been tough for me. After Lima 70.3 a month ago I had a very sharp pain in my ankle. I thought it was a stress fracture but it was not. We still don’t really know what it was but it put me out of running for 3 weeks. I pulled out of St. Anthony’s and Vietnam 70.3 with intentions of resting and healing up for the rest of the season. Last week my coach and I decided I should race Monterrey as a training day with no taper and just for a learning experience. Well the day unfolded just to be that! So many mental battles. Goggles popped for the swim and I was swimming no goggles trying to be tough and stay in the front of the race. I did not exit first as I was planning on and that kind of messed with my head! On the bike I felt pretty tired and I also had a mechanical. I kept pushing though and came off in the lead. Onto the run I had no idea what to expect. I ended up having a great run until the last 5km where I was feeling the time off. The mind is insane!!! @mbkessler messaged me and said if I stayed positive then the legs would follow. We are in charge of our destiny. As I continue this sport I’m realizing this game is 70% mental and 30% talent. I am so happy to walk away with the win having a less than ideal lead up. The support here was incredible especially @juanprv @marichuvi 💚 Now time to get back to my boys @hurleysoup @ollie_shark ! But first, tacos 🌮. And as always thank you to my family, @chrislieto, my incredible sponsors, friends and supporters. Happy Mother’s Day @goss_sandra 💖 📸 @trimexico

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Well - I can’t say today was a good day but there were some good parts. I had a Sub-par swim (I tried swimming with my sleeves up which I didn’t love), and a solid bike. I started the run in 2nd about 1:45 down, and was quite excited to see how it would play out as I thought I might be able to catch Lauren and have a great foot race. Unfortunately I ran off course early in the run and added an extra 1.5k or so onto my run leg 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️. It was pretty frustrating and definitely hard mentally to want to keep the effort up. But I just plugged along and luckily was able to get myself back into 2nd place by the finish. Looking at the splits, even without running off course @laurengoss was running better than me from the start and she had a very well deserved win - congrats!! At the end of the day I think I would have been 2nd no matter what....I just wish it had been under better circumstances! . . . The running off course thing is frustrating and hard to rationalize. On one hand the course was definitely not marked well and it’s very easy to want to place blame on the race. I don’t think it is unreasonable to expect well-marked race courses. But on the other, as athletes, it’s our responsibility to know each race course we compete on and I did not go out ahead of time and pre-run the course, so I was relying on the course markings to guide me. I have to take responsibility for that. It’s frustrating and disappointing, but I think I’m actually more disappointed in myself for not taking the time to ensure I knew where I was going . . . On to the next one! @brasilironman is in 2 weeks so I’ve got some serious recovery and a good little block of work left to do before I fly down to Floripa. Thanks to everyone for the support and cheers and a special thanks to my sponsors, my coach @purplepatchfitness, my hubby @oh_lord, my nutritionist @scottytindal and so many more for your amazing support. My race adventures continue! . . . #littleredracing #mexico #triathlon #racing #swimbikerun #beyourbest

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