Weekend Notebook: Up and Coming Stars Showcase their Talent

By Nick Hehemann, USA Triathlon | June 03, 2019, 7:16 p.m. (ET)

2019 Santa Marta CAMTRI Triathlon American Cup

Up and coming U.S. triathletes Collin Chartier (Fairfax, Va.) and Clayton Hutchins (San Luis Obispo, Calif.) earned the top two spots on the podium Saturday in Colombia at the Santa Marta CAMTRI Triathlon American Cup. Chartier broke the tape with a time of 1:51:02. The American pair bested Colombia’s own Carlos Javier Quinchara Forero, who came in third.

On the women’s side, American Megan Foley (Salt Lake City, Utah) came in fourth place as the highest U.S. finisher. Colombia’s Lina Maria Raga won the race, while fellow countrywoman Diana Castillo came in third. Cuba’s Leslie Amat Alvarez got the silver.

Distance: 750-meter swim, 40-kilometer bike, 10-kilometer run


Elite Men’s Podium

1. Collin Chartier (Fairfax, Va.), 1:51:02

2. Clayton Hutchins (San Luis Obispo, Calif.), 1:52:11

3. Carlos Javier Quinchara Forero (COL), 1:53:07


Elite Women’s Podium

1. Lina Maria Raga (COL), 2:07:09

2. Leslie Amat Alvarez (CUB), 2:07:57

3. Diana Castillo (COL), 2:08:51


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Pleasant Prairie Youth and Junior Elite Cup

Meanwhile, some of the best young triathletes around the country raced in Wisconsin Saturday at the Pleasant Prairie Cup. The event included both youth elite and junior elite races.

Clara James-Heer (Grand Rapids, Mich.) broke the tape in the women’s youth elite race, finishing a little over 30 seconds ahead of second-place finisher Faith Dasso (New Braunfels, Tex.). Jenna Buchanan (Bartlett, Ill.) rounded out the podium in third.

Lawson Mcleod (Lutz, Fla.) won the men’s youth elite race with a time of 29:24. Canada’s Blake Harris got silver, while American Steven Cartwright (Jacksonville, Fla.) earned the bronze.

In the men’s junior elite race, three-time high school national champion Drew Shellenberger (Indianapolis, Ind.) added to his incredible resume with another victory. Cavan Wilson (Miami, Fla.) finished a little over a minute behind him for second, while Ben Deweerdt (Hoffman, Estates, Ill.) rounded out the top three.

Gillian Cridge (Indianapolis, Ind.) — the 2018 USA Triathlon female elite junior national champion — broke the tape in the women’s junior elite race. Paige Horner (Grimes, Iowa) wasn’t too far behind for the silver, while Liberty Ricca (Colorado Springs, Colo.) came in third.

Youth Elite Race Distance: 375-meter swim, 10k bike, 2.5k run


Youth Elite Women’s Podium

1. Clara James-Heer (Grand Rapids, Mich.), 31:48

2. Faith Dasso (New Braunfels, Tex.), 32:22

3. Jenna Buchanan (Bartlett, Ill.), 32:48


Youth Elite Men’s Podium

1. Lawson Mcleod (Lutz, Fla.), 29:24

2. Blake Harris (CAN), 29:30

3. Steven Cartwright (Jacksonville, Fla.), 29:30


Junior Elite Race Distance: 750-meter swim, 20k bike, 5k run


Junior Elite Women’s Podium

1. Gillian Cridge (Indianapolis, Ind.), 1:00:26

2. Paige Horner (Grimes, Iowa), 1:00:42

3. Liberty Ricca (Colorado Springs, Colo.), 1:01:10


Junior Elite Men’s Podium

1. Drew Shellenberger (Indianapolis, Ind.), 55:38

2. Cavan Wilson (Miami, Fla.), 56:43

3. Ben Deweerdt (Hoffman, Estates, Ill.), 56:58


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IRONMAN 70.3 Victoria

Sam Long (Boulder, Colo.) raced his way to a gold medal in Canada at IRONMAN 70.3 Victoria. The American broke the tape in a time of 3:55:48. Canadians Cody Beals and Taylor Reid rounded out the podium in second and third, respectively.

Australian Miranda Carfrae got the victory in the women’s race, beating out Canada’s Heather Wurtele and Jen Annett, who took silver and bronze.

Distance: 1.9-kilometer swim, 90-kilometer bike, 21.1-kilometer run


Elite Men’s Podium

1. Sam Long (Boulder, Colo.), 3:55:48

2. Cody Beals (CAN), 3:56:25

3. Taylor Reid (CAN), 3:58:31


Elite Women’s Podium

1. Miranda Carfrae (AUS), 4:21:26

2. Heather Wurtele (CAN), 4:26:23

3. Jen Annett (CAN), 4:27:57


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Headed in the right direction: crossing the finish line, and logging about 5 minutes of knee grabbing. 4th place #im703victoria 📸 @talbotcox . I didn’t feel great, had some dark moments halfway through the swim, but managed to push through the fog and find my legs 10k into the bike. . That was awesome, because that’s about where everything fell apart for me in the last couple races. This is the first time I’ve felt fully in control of my body from the hips down in a while, and that’s what I’m most excited about. The engine can be built, I can do the work, but riding and running feeling like someone else is in control of my legs is the most frustrating experience I’ve ever had. . The wheels came off on the run, but it felt more like an energy issue than a neuromuscular one, so “happy” isn’t the right word for it, but maybe “encouraged”. . Alcatraz is up next weekend, but first some hanging with my Canada friends and some PT in PDX for my inanely sore legs. #triathlon #im703

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IRONMAN 70.3 Switzerland

American Skye Moench (Holladay, Utah) also reached an IRONMAN podium on the weekend, taking second place at IRONMAN 70.3 Switzerland. World Champion Daniela Ryf got the win in her home country, while Germany’s Svenja Thoes finished third.

Andi Boecherer of Germany broke the tape in the men’s race with a time of 3:48:30. Spain’s Pablo Dapena Gonzalez came in second, while Switzerland’s Sven Riederer rounded out the podium with a bronze medal.

Distance: 1.9-kilometer swim, 90-kilometer bike, 21.1-kilometer run


Elite Women’s Podium

1. Daniela Ryf (CHE), 4:08:34

2. Skye Moench (Holladay, Utah), 4:15:39

3. Svenja Thoes (DEU), 4:23:43


Elite Men’s Podium

1. Andi Boecherer (DEU), 3:48:30

2. Pablo Dapena Gonzalez (ESP), 3:49:29

3. Sven Riederer (CHE), 3:50:57


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