Age Group Athletes Reflect on their Biggest Multisport Achievements

By USA Triathlon | Jan. 14, 2019, 6:42 p.m. (ET)

A great way to make goals for the future is to derive motivation from the ones you’ve already achieved in the past.

Now through Jan. 25, USA Triathlon is celebrating #DreamingSeason, a campaign meant to encourage both veteran and first-time multisport athletes to set their goals and chase their dreams in 2019.

So, to spark some ideas for dreams in the new year, we asked athletes to describe the multisport accomplishment they’re most proud of.

Here were some of our favorite responses.

Breaking Barriers and Inspiring others

“Some told me I could never make the U.S. team racing covered. I am the first Muslimah (Muslim woman) to do so and I am headed to my THIRD ITU World Championship! Every season is #DreamingSeason.”

— Khadijah Diggs


Getting Sober and Changing my Life through Triathlon

“From about 400 pounds at age 54 to a two-time IRONMAN, ultramarathoner and USA Triathlon coach at 188 pounds at age 67, triathlon has been a life-changer. It all started with a dream at 17 years clean and sober and years post cancer. Best advice? Never listen to the voices inside your head that say you can’t. And, never let someone else’s limits become yours.”

Scott Richardson


Tackling an IRONMAN

“Definitely never thought in a million years I’d finish an IRONMAN race. Finally made it happen in 2018. What a day.”

— Daren Sorenson


From not Knowing how to Swim to Becoming a Triathlete

“Finishing tri in the first place. Last January I signed up for the Chicago Triathlon unable to complete a single lap in the pool. I did it to force myself to learn how to swim, at 39. Last August I crossed the finish line. That was my Mt. Everest!”

— Damian L. Malek


Pursuing a Healthy Lifestyle through Multisport

“After being a heavy smoker for 22 years I started running, then biking, then swimming for health, but never thought I would qualify for Worlds. I’ve done it three years in a row so far — qualifying two years for Zofingen in the long-distance event and last year for Pontevedra in the standard-distance. Haven’t gone to one yet, but hopefully this is the year!”

— Oscar Ross


When I realized Age wasn’t a Limit

“Qualifying for Kona the first time at 19 years old! I literally couldn’t believe it when I finished.”

— Julian Slyer


Through our sport, ordinary people can accomplish dreams they never thought possible.

At first, a goal is just a dream. But with hard work, belief and commitment, it can become real. These athletes started with goal and worked toward it, and so can you.

Celebrate #DreamingSeason with USA Triathlon, and turn your multisport dream into a reality in 2019.