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Best of 2019: The Most-Read Triathlon Training Articles of 2019

By Emily Randolph | Dec. 16, 2019, 8 a.m. (ET)

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In 2019, these training articles had the most pageviews, pouring advice into the cups of triathletes all over the country. Bookmark this page to reference the best advice from USA Triathlon Certified Coaches to keep improving as you move into 2020. 

The top 10 training articles of 2019:

1. 10 Common Freestyle Swim Mistakes and How to Correct Them

From the pool deck, a coach can quickly identify flaws in a swimmer’s freestyle stroke. Check out these common mistakes and corrections to become more efficient in the water.

2. Strength Training Exercises for Triathletes

Strength training in the overall sense of strength and conditioning training helps all athletes maintain or improve coordination, muscle tone, body composition, maximal power and muscular endurance. 

3. 5 Qualities of a Successful Triathlete

Beyond training, there are a few other key characteristics and traits that we need to possess for us to truly approach the desired outcome. These are things that folks at all levels require, from spin-class enthusiast to IRONMAN athlete, in order to properly tackle their fitness dreams.

4. Improve Your Swimming with These Four Steps

Swimming is often regarded as the most intimidating triathlon leg for beginners. Check out these four steps to learn the method to learning how to do a triathlon swim, and the tried-and-true ways triathletes can use to transform from non-swimmers to effective swimmers.

5. How to Make Rowing Machines Work for Your Endurance Training

You may have eyed an erg from your treadmill and wondered if it might be worthwhile to fit rowing in your triathlon training routine. The short answer is yes — rowing machines can be an excellent addition to your triathlon training, but you must know few important things about them to use them safely and productively.

6. 7 Exercises to Improve Bike Strength

A properly-designed strength training program is one of the most efficient and best ways to improve endurance performance. This is true for cycling as well, and this article will provide you specific information on how to take advantage of this aspect of training to optimize your cycling performance.

7. 5 Common Mistakes a Coach Sees in Triathletes

As a coach with over 25 years of experience, I have observed five key issues and mistakes triathletes make, common to all levels of triathletes. Check out these five problems and provided solutions to fix what’s wrong. 

8. Swim School: Where to Breathe During Freestyle Swimming

Breathing techniques should not be taken for granted, particularly in open water, because there are certain challenges with breathing the freestyle swimming breathing technique that make it different than breathing during exercises on land. Check out this edition of swim school to make sure you get the most out of your breath during freestyle. 

9. Managing Swimmer’s Shoulder

“Swimmer's shoulder” is the most common orthopedic ailment in swimmers—but hopefully, after reading this article, you will gain a better understanding of the problem and how to manage it.

10. Swim School: How to Release the Air in your Lungs While Swimming

A large majority of elite swimmers release air bubbles from their nose while underwater. This method of breathing reduces drag – find out more on this edition of Swim School.