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Thousands Participate in Virtual Triathlon and Share Their Triumphs Online

By Emily Randolph | Dec. 06, 2019, 2:26 p.m. (ET)

people in wetsuits jumping


The Time to Tri Virtual Triathlon wrapped up last week and more than 4,700 athletes participated in this first-ever entirely online swim, bike, run event. Flexibility was the driving factor in this event, allowing anyone to participate at any time from Nov. 1 to Dec. 1. The event could be completed all at once, or broken up and completed over the course of the month, and boy did the athletes get it done. The Virtual Triathlon showed that triathlon is an approachable sport that anyone can do!



Elite athletes and beginners alike participated in the race at their own pace, on their own time. Ground was covered anywhere and everywhere, outside and inside. Overall, athletes traveled a total of 1,666.87 miles swimming, 44,959.74 miles biking and 13,541.87 miles running. Athletes swam in their local pool, ran on the trails and in their local turkey trot, and even went for a bike ride at the birthplace of triathlon.



Athletes were motivated to get a training session in, and beginners were pushed out of their comfort zone, everyone pushing themselves to finish the challenge. 265,699.99 minutes were spent competing —that’s 4,428.33 hours and 184.5 days.



Everyday athletes took a stab at their first Olympic-distance triathlon, and the virtual aspect was fully taken advantage of. Wearable technology was a huge advantage to tracking progress, and indoor training equipment was the star of the show for those in cold climates. Whether training indoors, outside, or in a virtual simulation, every athlete got to take on the challenge in their own way.



The event was completely free, so participating was without hassle. Plus, participants received a $20 ROKA gift card, just for participating!

And ... it was so much fun, even the athletes’ pets wanted in on the action!