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Action-Packed Day in Miami as National Champions Crowned in Four Multisport Disciplines

By USA Triathlon | Nov. 11, 2018, 6:09 p.m. (ET)

Overall USA Triathlon Long Course Aquabike National Champions Amber Smolik (R) and Blair Saunders (R).

MIAMI, Fla. — The USA Triathlon Multisport National Championships wrapped up Sunday in Miami, as 88 age-group national champions were crowned across four multisport disciplines. 

The inaugural Multisport Nationals were held as part of the Miami Man Triathlon, hosted by MultiRace. Sunday’s schedule featured championship events in long-course triathlon, long-course duathlon (run-bike-run), long-course aquabike (swim-bike) and international-distance aquabike (swim-bike). Multisport Nationals also included an aquathlon (swim-run), held on Saturday. Click here for the full aquathlon race recap.

The weekend marks the first time all five races have been held in the same venue at the same time, versus on different dates and locations across the country.

The course for all races was centered at Larry and Penny Thompson Memorial Park in Miami-Dade county. Athletes swam in Larry and Penny’s Lake and biked on paved roads through unincorporated farmland areas of Redland, Florida. The run course wound through the palm tree-lined Zoo Miami, passing various animal exhibits before returning to Larry and Penny Park for the finish.

Sunday’s competitors faced challenging conditions throughout the day, as heavy rain early in the morning caused slick conditions followed by rising temperatures as the weather cleared up.

Justin Lippert (M20-24, Middletown, N.J.) was the overall men’s champion in the long-course triathlon, which featured a 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike and 13.1-mile run. Lippert covered the course in 4 hours, 4 minutes, 9 seconds, adding a third national title to his season after winning both the sprint- and Olympic-distance races at the USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships in Cleveland.

“I’m stoked to nab my third national title of the year,” Lippert said. “As always, my plan was to swim, send, run. I sent it so hard on the bike I was seeing stars, but I was able to hold it together on the run to bring home the bread.”

Cameron Hackett (M20-24, Washington, D.C.) took second overall in 4:14:18, and Levente Lukacs (Florissant, Mo.) was third in 4:21:27.

Taking the women’s overall long-course triathlon title was Lesley Brainard (F45-49, Collierville, Tenn.) in 4:50:53. Morgan Klein (F20-24, Washington, D.C.) was second overall in 4:57:36, and rounding out the podium was Elizabeth Waterstraat (F40-44, Naperville, Ill.) in 5:03:46.

The long-course duathlon featured a 6.2-mile run, followed by a 56-mile bike and another 13.1-mile run. The men’s overall title went to Conrad Goeringer (M30-34, Nashville, Tenn.), who broke the tape with a time of 4:22:09. Keith Jackson (M25-29, Loveland, Colo.) was the runner-up in 4:25:33, and Nicholas Watson (M40-44, Grand Rapids, Mich.) was third in 4:31:28.

“This was my first long-course duathlon and my first national championship, so it feels surreal,” Goeringer said. “I scoped out the start list prior to the race and saw that there were quite a few fast guys and that it was going to be a challenging day. The competition, combined with the searing hot temperatures, made for a very honest race.”

Jennifer Rapaport (F50-54, North Palm Beach, Fla.) claimed the women’s overall title in the long-course duathlon, covering the course in 5:08:51. Rendy Williams (F35-39, Irvine, Calif.) was second across the line for the women in 5:21:59, and Kari Giles (F35-39, Austell, Ga.) was third in 5:29:23. 

In the long-course aquabike, men’s overall champion Blair Saunders (M50-54, Newark, Del.) covered the 1.2-mile swim and 56-mile bike in 2:46:15. Mike Shaffer (M50-54, Ventura, Calif.) was close behind Saunders to take second in 2:47:49, and Michael Collins (M50-54, Irvine, Calif.) grabbed the third overall podium spot in 2:50:03. 

Amber Smolik (F35-39, Stafford, Texas) placed sixth among both men and women to claim the women’s overall title with a time of 2:55:08. Robin Sandos (F35-39, Groveland, Fla.) and Julia Wreski (F45-49, Fort Myers, Fla.) took second and third overall for women, with times of 2:57:30 and 2:57:49, respectively.

“I am absolutely thrilled and honored to be a national champion and to represent Team USA,” Smolik said. “Race conditions weren’t ideal with the rain and wet roads, but that made it that much more challenging and meaningful. I’m very grateful.” 

The international-distance aquabike, held as a national championship for the first time, featured a 0.6-mile swim followed by a 22-mile bike. Scott Green (M50-54, Florenca, Mass.) was first across the line for the men with a time of 1:02:30, followed closely by runner-up Matthew Erchull (M30-34, Jersey City, N.J.) in 1:03:19. Rounding out the overall podium was James Aust (M60-64, Sunbury, Ohio) in 1:06:51.

The top-three women in the international-distance aquabike placed top-10 overall, including both men and women. Lauren Jensen McGinnis (F50-54, Muskego, Wis.), who also won her age group in Saturday’s Aquathlon National Championships, placed fifth among both men and women to claim the women’s overall title in 1:07:07. Kerry Simmons (F50-54, Lake Mary, Fla.) was seventh in the overall field and second for women in 1:09:58, and Michele Kisel (F35-39, Cordova, Fla.) was eighth in the overall field to take third for women in 1:10:48.

Eleven athletes successfully defended their age-group titles from 2017 in their respective races. Back-to-back champions are marked with an asterisk in the results below. 

An international-distance triathlon (0.6-mile swim, 22-mile bike, 6.6-mile run) was also held Sunday, but was not a national championship event.

In all national championship races except the international-distance aquabike, top finishers in each age group earned the opportunity to represent Team USA in 2019 ITU Age Group World Championship competition. The ITU Aquathlon, Aquabike and Long Distance Triathlon World Championships will be held as part of the 2019 ITU Multisport World Championships Festival in Pontevedra, Spain. The 2019 ITU Long Distance Duathlon World Championships will be held in Zofingen, Switzerland. For more information about qualifying and competing for Team USA, visit

For complete results, photos, schedule and event information for the USA Triathlon Multisport National Championships, visit

USA Triathlon Long Course Triathlon National Championships
1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike, 13.1-mile run 

National Champions — Complete Results

*Indicates back-to-back national champions

Male Overall: Justin Lippert (Middletown, N.J.), 4:04:09
Female Overall: Lesley Brainard (Collierville, Tenn.), 4:50:53
M17-19: Payne Pachuda (West Chester, Pa.)*
F17-19: Valeria Ruiz (Weston, Fla.), 6:26:24
M20-24: Justin Lippert (Middletown, N.J.), 4:04:09
F20-24: Morgan Klein (Washington, D.C.), 4:57:36
M25-29: Levente Lukacs (Florissant, Mo.), 4:21:27
F25-29: Dana Stowell (Miami, Fla.), 5:13:35
M30-34: Ignacio Lopez Mancisidor (Key Biscane, Fla.), 4:21:52
F30-34: Stephanie Melkonian (Albuquerque, N.M.), 5:08:24
M35-39: Lothar Birkenfeld (Hollywood, Fla.), 4:40:42 
F35-39: Carrie Merritt (Marmora, N.J.), 5:22:11
M40-44: Vincenzo Marchione (Middletown, Del.), 4:29:54
F40-44: Elizabeth Waterstraat (Naperville, Ill.), 5:03:46
M45-49: Kevin Konczak (Boulder, Colo.), 4:29:50
F45-49: Lesley Brainard (Collierville, Tenn.), 4:50:53*
M50-54: Hector Santaella (Key Biscayne, Fla.), 4:48:02
F50-54: Julie Bryan (Driggs, Idaho), 5:08:42
M55-59: Todd Mitchell (Las Vegas, Nev.), 5:25:04
F55-59: Mary Catherine Malin (Arlington, Va.), 5:33:30
M60-64: Frank Green (Miami, Fla.), 4:50:41*
F60-64: Gail Waldman (Vienna, Va.), 5:43:16
M65-69: Mike Wien (Boulder, Colo.), 5:38:00*
F65-69: Carol Hassell (West Palm Beach, Fla.), 5:57:52 
M70-74: Geoffrey Scott (Chapel Hill, N.C.), 7:39:13

USA Triathlon Long Course Duathlon National Championships
6.2-mile run, 56-mile bike, 13.1-mile run

National Champions — Complete Results

*Indicates back-to-back national champions

Male Overall: Conrad Goeringer (Nashville, Tenn.), 4:22:09
Female Overall: Jennifer Rapaport (North Palm Beach, Fla.), 5:08:51
M20-24: Brandon Russell (Boston, Mass.), 7:18:04
M25-29: Keith Jackson (Loveland, Colo.), 4:25:33
M30-34: Conrad Goeringer (Nashville, Tenn.), 4:22:09
F30-34: Nicola Horton (Spring Hill, Fla.), 8:05:36
M35-39: Tiago DePaula Souza (Kennesaw, Ga.), 5:01:28*
F35-39: Rendy Williams (Irvine, Calif.), 5:21:59
M40-44: Nicholas Watson (Grand Rapids, Mich.), 4:31:28
F40-44: Karla Jones-Stone (Miami Beach, Fla.), 6:33:09
M45-49: Derek Wimmer (Naples, Fla.), 5:24:58
F45-49: Jodie Taylor (Highlands Ranch, Colo.), 5:34:19
M50-54: David Engstrom (Beaverton, Ore.), 4:43:46
F50-54: Jennifer Rapaport (North Palm Beach, Fla.), 5:08:51
M55-59: Robert Ripley (Bend, Ore.), 4:58:20
F55-59: Kirsten Chapman (Edmond, Okla.), 5:35:23
M60-64: Wade Gunter (Henderson, Nev.), 5:34:12
F60-64: Anne Mitchell (Bala Cynwyd, Pa.), 6:27:12
M65-69: Bob Foster (Charleston, S.C.), 5:45:48
F65-69: Lynda Neuman (Los Angeles, Calif.), 7:09:06
F70-74: Sandy Meneley (Holmes Branch, Fla.), 6:39:12

USA Triathlon Long Course Aquabike National Championships
1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike

National Champions — Complete Results

*Indicates back-to-back national champions

Male Overall: Blair Saunders (Newark, Del.), 2:46:15
Female Overall: Amber Smolik (Stafford, Texas), 2:55:08
F17-19: Maisy Waech (Grand Rapids, Minn.), 3:26:36
M20-24: Ethan Carlson (Lakebay, Wash.), 2:59:31
F20-24: Olivia Wiest (Butler, Pa.), 3:59:42
M25-29: Mike Parker (Gainesville, Ga.), 3:23:34
F25-29: Angela Manglaris (Denton, Texas), 3:13:08
M30-34: Phillip Young (Memphis, Tenn.), 2:58:22
F30-34: Angela Man (Houtson, Texas), 3:05:23
M35-39: Charles Garabedian (Boulder, Colo.), 2:54:17
F35-39: Amber Smolik (Stafford, Texas), 2:55:08*
M40-44: Kurt Holt (Santa Rosa, Calif.), 2:51:50*
F40-44: Valerie Valle (St. Petersburg, Fla.), 2:59:24
M45-49: Eric Gutknecht (Denver, Colo.), 2:55:42
F45-49: Julia Wreski (Fort Myers, Fla.), 2:57:49*
M50-54: Blair Saunders (Newark, Del.), 2:46:15*
F50-54: Marie Labriola (Westerly, R.I.), 3:10:26
M55-59: Wesley Hale (Tabuco Canyon, Calif.), 3:01:56
F55-59: Barbara Cronin-Stagnari (Mineola, N.Y.), 3:15:54*
M60-64: David Davala (Manchester, N.H.), 2:57:09
F60-64: Tracy Achelis (Danville, Calif.), 3:30:20
M65-69: C. Bruce Anderson (Salisbury, Md.), 3:13:22
F65-69: Gail Dooley (East Falmouth, Mass.), 3:47:47
M70-74: Orb Greenwald (San Antonio, Texas), 3:23:54
F70-74: Margaret Burley (Baltimore, Md.), 3:38:14
M75-79: David Robinette (Highlands Ranch, Colo.), 3:55:06
M80-84: Fredric Silverblatt (North Kingstown, R.I.), 4:58:24*

USA Triathlon International-Distance Aquabike National Championships
0.6-mile swim, 22-mile bike

National Champions — Complete Results

Male Overall: Scott Green (Florenca, Mass.), 1:02:30
Female Overall: Lauren Jensen McGinnis (Muskego, Wis.), 1:07:07
F25-29: Katherine Guest (Medford, Ore.), 1:17:22
M30-34: Matthew Erchull (Jersey City, N.J.), 1:03:19
F30-34: Meghan Toemmes (Miami, Fla.), 1:19:33
M35-39: Andy Nenninger (Boynton Beach, Fla.), 1:07:05
F35-39: Michele Kisel (Cordova, Fla.), 1:10:48
M40-44: Javier Opoczynski (Aventura, Fla.), 1:19:31
F40-44: Nicole Brown (Winter Park, Fla.), 1:15:29
M45-49: Scott Conway (South Grafton, Mass.), 1:13:20
F45-49: Heather Welch (Whitinsville, Mass.), 1:20:56
M50-54: Scott Green (Florenca, Mass.), 1:02:30
F50-54: Lauren Jensen McGinnis (Muskego, Wis.), 1:07:07
M55-59: Kevin Elmore (Murrieta, Calif.), 1:14:38
F55-59: Tracy DiSabato-Aust (Sunbury, Ohio), 1:14:56
M60-64: James Aust (Sunbury, Ohio), 1:06:51
F60-64: Beverly Buysse (Mishawaka, Ind.), 1:17:29
M65-69: Jim Sumara (Jacksonville, Fla.), 1:11:41
F65-69: Shelly Bloom (Durham, N.C.), 1:22:04
M70-74: Robert Busher (New Bern, N.C.), 1:14:33
F70-74: Ruth Hamilton (McLean, Va.), 1:32:18
M75-79: Geir Ingolfsrud (Clermont, Fla.), 1:23:42
F80-84: Luise Easton (Westlake, Ohio), 2:04:55

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