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Q&A with Sarasota-Bradenton CAMTRI Champions Jamie Brown and Sophie Chase

By Annabeth McKay | March 21, 2018, 6:07 p.m. (ET)


Athletes from 16 countries competed for championship titles at the 2018 Sarasota-Bradenton CAMTRI Paratriathlon American Championships and Sprint Triathlon North American Championships on March 10-11.

Junior, U23 and elite triathletes, relay teams and elite paratriathletes competed at Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota, Florida, and Team USA collected a total of 31 medals.

We caught up with Paralympic National Team member Jamie Brown and Collegiate Recruitment Program athlete Sophie Chase, who both took home gold medals in their respective divisions.

Jamie Brown

mark barr and jamie brown

Jamie Brown led the way for the men’s PTS4 Paratriathlon American Championships by capturing the win for a second year in a row with a time of 59 minutes, 42 seconds.

USA Triathlon: What was your favorite moment of the event?
Jamie Brown: My favorite moment was, as always, getting to see all the other athletes. We take about six months off and so getting to see all my friends/athletes is always great. During the race my favorite moment was having a front row seat to the amazing sprint finish for the PTS5 men’s race and Chris Hammer pulling ahead about 100 meters from the finish. Also watching one of my coached athletes, Mark Barr (PTS2), not only take the victory but improving his time from last year.

USAT: How does it feel to win gold two years in a row?
JB: It’s great. This race is so early, and I live in a cold place with plenty of snow. So, this race always is a little unknown or unpredictable. I also had a bit of an infection about 10 days before so had some interrupted training. In short, I’m very pleased with the result.

USAT: Did you have any goals or expectations going into this event?
JB: I wanted to have a solid effort and was trying to break an hour. But with my infection prior to event I was unsure how I would feel.

USAT: What does this win mean to you and your career?
JB: Anytime you can compete against some of the best athletes in the world and perform well it does great things for your confidence. It has validated that your training plan is working, and you just need to continue to build your fitness.

Sophie Chase

sophie chase

Sophie Chase claimed the win in the Elite Women’s Sprint Triathlon North American Championships in 58:43.

USA Triathlon: How does it feel to win gold in this event?
Sophie Chase: After some adversity the previous weekend at the Clermont CAMTRI Spring American Cup (my bike frame cracked), I was very grateful for the opportunity to come back and compete in Sarasota. The support I received in the week between Clermont and Sarasota was incredible. Ultimately, Sarasota ended up being an amazing experience and I praise God for the result.

USAT: You just turned pro in 2017. What does it mean to you to have so much success this early in your career?
SC: All I can say is all the glory to God. I strive to make the most of the gifts He has given me and bring Him glory in all that I do. Achieving my lifelong goal of competing as a pro athlete for the U.S. also means a lot considering my struggles in college (I was a collegiate runner for Stanford University). After years of injuries, illness and poor performances, I was ready to quit competing altogether. I know my triathlon career will also feature its fair share of ups and downs, but I know it will be worth it.

USAT: What was the competition like during the race?
SC: Competition was definitely tough in this race! I knew I would be competing against some very accomplished athletes going into this race. Getting to compete against Erika Ackerlund (second place), Zsófia Kovács (third place) and all the other athletes was awesome. These women definitely pushed me to perform at my best.

USAT: What are you most excited about as you compete in your first full year as a professional triathlete?
SC: I am excited to just keep learning. I am still so new to the sport that every race experience ends up being a great opportunity for growth. I also love new challenges, and I am also excited to work toward my first International Triathlon Union World Cup and WTS races.

Podium Results

Elite Men
1. Eli Hemming (Kiowa, Colo.), 51:22
2. Ben Kanute (Phoenix, Ariz.), 51:36
3. Jason West (Boulder, Colo.), 51:39

Elite Women
1. Sophie Chase (Carlsbad, Calif.), 58:43
2. Erika Ackerlund (Missoula, Mont.), 58:51
3. Zsófia Kovacs (HUN), 59:03

U23 Men
1. Eli Hemming (Kiowa, Colo.), 51:22
2. Charles Paquet (CAN), 52:04
3. Seth Rider (Germantown, Tenn.), 52:07

U23 Women
1. Erika Ackerlund (Missoula, Mont.), 58:51
2. Kyleigh Spearing (Frankfort, Ill.), 59:36
3. Tereza Zimovjanova (CZE), 1:00:18

Junior Men
1. Andrew Shellenberger (Indianapolis, Ind.), 54:54
2. Tate Haugan (CAN), 55:02
3. Félix Plourde-Couture (CAN), 55:10

Junior Women
1. Cecilia Sayuri Ramirez Alavez (MEX), 58:58
2. Gillian Cridge (Indianapolis, Ind.), 59:13
3. Audrey Ernst (South Elgin, Ill.), 59:49

4xMixed Relay
1. Team I United States, 1:19:31
2. Team II Canada, 1:22:16
3. Team I ITU (1:18:53)

Paratriathlon PTWC Men
1. Fernando Aranha (BRA), 1:02:04
2. Zach Young (Jackson, Miss.), 1:15:54
3. Howie Sanborn (Denver, Colo.), 1:16:04

Paratriathlon PTWC Women
1. Ahalya Lettenberger (Glen Ellyn, Ill.), 1:14:04
2. Mary Kate Callahan (Chicago, Ill.), 1:23:09
3. Brenda Osnaya Alvarez (MEX), 1:27:41

Paratriathlon PTS2 Men
1. Mark Barr (Houston, Texas), 1:04:24
2. Allan Armstrong (Colorado Springs, Colo.), 1:07:35
3. Mohamed Lahna (Elk Grove, Calif.), 1:08:09

Paratriathlon PTS2 Women
1. Hailey Danz (Chicago, Ill.), 1:16:39
2. Melissa Stockwell (Chicago, Ill.), 1:19:07

Paratriathlon PTS4 Men
1. Jamie Brown (Bend, Ore.), 59:42
2. Jorge Luis Fonseca (BRA), 1:02:50
3. Joel Rosinbum (Austin, Texas), 1:06:25

Paratriathlon PTS4 Women
1. Andrea Walton (Washington, D.C.), 1:29:05

Paratriathlon PTS5 Men
1. Chris Hammer (Salt Lake City, Utah), 57:17
2. Juan Carlos Cano Espinoza (MEX), 57:27
3. José Abraham Estrada Sierra (MEX), 57:46

Paratriathlon PTS5 Women
1. Grace Norman (Jamestown, Ohio), 1:03:29
2. Kamylle Frenette (CAN), 1:06:42

Paratriathlon PTVI Men
1. Aaron Scheidies (Seattle, Wash.), 59:51
2. Jon Dunkerley (CAN), 1:03:01
3. Brad Snyder (Baltimore, Md.), 1:04:25

Paratriathlon PTVI Women
1. Jessica Tuomela (CAN), 1:08:19
2. Elizabeth Baker (Signal Mountain, Tenn.), 1:08:41
3. Amy Dixon (Encinitas, Calif.), 1:09:37

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