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These Squirrels Are Ready for Winter Triathlon

By USA Triathlon | March 05, 2018, 2:38 p.m. (ET)

One month ago, the top winter triathletes around the world competed for national and world titles in championship events that took place in St. Paul, Minnesota, and Cheile Gradistei, Romania. These wild red squirrels wanted to join the action too!

Swedish photographer Geert Weggen works extensively with wild squirrels to capture unique, whimsical images. We’re pleased to feature Weggen’s latest photos, inspired by the sport of winter triathlon, which consists of a run, bike and ski.

squirrel helmet

Competitor No. 1 makes sure all his gear is ready to go for the big day. Helmet and bike, check. Running shoes, check. Skis, check. Nuts, check.

squirrel on bike

After a competitive 5-kilometer run, the underdog (squirrel) takes the lead. It’s a smooth transition onto the 20k bike.

squirrel on bike

Look at that form! There’s nothing like the breeze in your hair on a winter ride.

squirrel ski

The race finishes with a 6k ski, and it’s going to be a close one.

squirrel ski

Red squirrel is channeling his inner winter Olympian.

squirrel photo and ski

And it’s Speedy the Squirrel for the win with a photo finish.

Photos by Geert Weggen. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook at geertweggen and visit his website at