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Top Member Submitted Moments of 2018

By USA Triathlon | Dec. 13, 2018, 1:25 p.m. (ET)

As the new year approaches, we have the opportunity to look back and think of our favorite photos, videos, quotes and overall moments in the world of triathlon in 2018. 

We wanted to give you, our members, that same opportunity — to reflect on a memorable year in multisport. So, here are some of the top member-submitted moments of 2018, through their words. 

Seeing the Pease Brothers Cross the Finish Line in Kona

I was fortunate enough to be at the finish line when Kyle and Brent Pease crossed the finish line at this year's Ironman World Championship in Kona. (Editor's Note: For more background on the Pease brothers, click here.) Seeing them cross the line was really a metaphor for all the great things about the sport for two reasons. First, Kyle and Brent showed that people of all abilities can achieve great things through sports, and triathlon provides an incredible opportunity to do so. Second, it was an incredible moment of joy as two brothers shared the achievement of an incredible dream. It still gives me goose bumps! — Jeff Caplan


Returning from Injury to Race with my Friend

The Inaugural Sailor’s Triathlon in Annapolis, Maryland, marked the first time since 9/11 that the Naval Academy opened its campus to the public for an event, and also the first time I could race since hearing the words, “no triathlons until we figure out what’s going on" in January. I’ve been diagnosed with primary ovarian failure, and along with a raft of unpleasant symptoms, the one thing that consistently brought me joy had been tabled by my care team. I was cleared to race in mid-July, and because I have no chill, I set my sights on the soonest and closest triathlon to me. My "IronBae," Lauren Smith, was visiting family on the East Coast and I all but twisted her arm to get her to race with me (two weeks before she competed at Nationals!). I’m so grateful she agreed to my demands, and we had an amazing day, from giggling our way to transition on our bikes through the finish line — when I found the energy to jump up and down seeing that we both PRed the sprint distance. You don’t realize how much you miss something until you can’t have it, and getting it (triathlon) back just provides incredible motivation to be doing what you love. — Anne Hyman 


I Found a New Love — Triathlon

2018 is the year I found what I truly love — triathlon. Training my mind and challenging my body to work together as one over three disciplines was the bar I chose to set. Coaches, encouraging friends, family and my own personal growth fueled me for my first triathlon in April 2018. They continue to impact my life in 2019 as I get ready to complete my next race (Galveston 70.3), graduate from SMU Cox School of Business and start my career in Dallas! — Olivia Heatley 


Making Team USA Duathlon 

Making Team USA Duathlon was something I had never planned to achieve after only three years in the sport. This was my favorite moment in 2018, because of the mental and physical toughness I endured after surviving my first standard distance race in Greenville, South Carolina. I am very thankful for Alan and Beth Warren, (the teammates pictured with me, above), and all of my teammates on the Triad Tri Team and Breakthrough Nutrition for all the motivation they have given me throughout the year. Seeing this picture brings back lots of great memories from that day and mentally prepares me for the challenges ahead at ITU World Championships this April in Spain! — Jason Nance 


Seeing Our 7-Year-Old Son Win First Place in his Age Group at the USA Triathlon Youth and Junior National Championships

As a family, we all love triathlon and love to train together and cheer each other on when we compete. We see each other as a team, and when one wins we all win and celebrate. Austin is our middle son who is full of life, never nervous and an "always having fun" kind of a kid. He showed up to Nationals like it was just another race and was super excited. When he crossed the finish line, we knew he did well and were so proud of him. When someone on our team informed us that he was first place, we were screaming with excitement. He truly worked hard all season but had a blast training and deserved every bit of that win! We will never forget the joy of that day and can’t wait to go back next year. It was a great venue and race. — Lindsey Courson 


Helping a Team Australia Athlete Near the Finish Line at the ITU Age Group Sprint World Championships in Gold Coast

As I was finishing the sprint race at Gold Coast, I came across an Australian athlete who looked like she was about to collapse right before the finish line. I didn't really even consciously make the decision to help her. I just saw her and she was doing that "newborn deer" leg walk. I scooped her up to help her across the finish line; it was really just instinctual. I made sure that I didn't touch her as she crossed the line to not disqualify her. In those few seconds, I remembered the Brownlee brothers in Cozumel and how Alistair made sure to not touch Johnny crossing the finish line. You always hope that you'll be the person who helps others, and it made me proud that in those final moments of my own race, I helped her without even thinking about it. We are all competitors and we all race hard, but it's important to remember that we are all in it together. Triathlon is one big family. — Kristin Bagby 


Seeing my Son Win a World Title in Honor of his Late Friend

My favorite multisport moment of 2018 was seeing my son, Matthew, win a world title in honor of his late friend, Geoffrey Cheruiyot. (Editor's Note: After Geoffrey Cheruiyot tragically passed away in May, Matthew Murray dedicated his race at the ITU Age Group Sprint World Championships to his late friend. Geoffrey's name was written on Matthew's sneakers when he crossed the finish line as a world champion in September. Read more about Matthew Murray's inspirational world title.

 I am so proud of Matthew, not just because he is a phenomenal athlete, but because he is a phenomenal athlete with humility and grace. It was my favorite moment because it exemplified the true spirit and heart of the sport. Matthew's world championship was incredible and it was about much more than himself. Geoffrey runs with him in every race, with his name on his shoes and his memory in his heart. — Shannan Murray


Celebrating With my Kids after Crossing the Finish Line in Kona at the IRONMAN World Championship

I knew my kids would be in the finish corral, but I had no idea what it would feel like. I didn't expect to be overcome and blinded by joy in the capacity that I did. But, it wasn't a joy about finishing Kona. It was showing my boys what a strong woman looks like. It was showing my girls how to be strong. The entire season was full of successes, but setting examples for the next generation and inspiring others transcends even our joy of our biggest athletic accomplishments. — Rachel Brenke 


Guiding my Friend in the USA Triathlon Youth and Junior National Championships

This year, I got the chance to guide my close friend, Brock, in the paratriathlon category of the Youth and Junior National Championships! It was one of the best experiences of my life, and I couldn't have asked for a better teammate! We both overcame the many obstacles of racing connected to each other and the unique dynamics of paratriathlon to come together on race day and have an epic first experience! I couldn't have asked for a better day, as both of my sisters also became national runners-up in their age groups. Not to mention, I also qualified for team USA at AGNC, even though the race ended up a duathlon (I love to swim). I'd have to say, I'm pretty impressed with how this year went, and I hope next year is just as fun and inspiring! — Hailey Poe