TRIFECTA Runner-Up Shares Highlights from the 2017 ITU World Triathlon Series

By Annabeth McKay | Oct. 12, 2017, 12:33 p.m. (ET)

Competitions in triathlons can be found in every swim stroke, under each helmet and with every stride. However, there is another competition present that never actually makes it onto the race route itself. The ITU World Triathlon Series TRIFECTA Fantasy Triathlon is a global competition where participants can predict the top three finishers in the elite men’s and women’s races for each WTS even. With coveted prizes and bragging rights on the line, competitors battle all season long to be ranked among the top contestants. Meet one of the individuals who came out on top and get an inside look into what got him there. 


No. 2, 241 points 

Savio Silva


USA TRIATHLON: How did this year’s competition compare to last year?
Savio Silva: In comparison with the previous year’s competitions, I can tell that things are getting tougher. Everyone is improving and making better personal bets. In fact, WTS was quite different from the ones over the past few years since it was the first year after the Olympics in Rio, so I would say it was kind of a fresh restart for the athletes, after a long period of Olympic qualification. 

USAT: What was your strategy this season:
SS: Well, I can’t reveal all my secrets! What I can say is that my primary strategy is either trying to guess if there will be a small group of seven or eight good swimmers and bikers such as Johnny and Gomez or to realize that the race will be decided in the running part with a big pack starting the run together. I would say that the extension of race is a crucial factor. 

USAT: What was your favorite moment this season?
SS: Well that is easy: the Leeds race with that cycling show from the Brownlee bothers and the mixed relay in Hamburg. The Grand Final in Rotterdam was also a big show! Kudos to the ITU for the best in the sprint distance!

USAT: Do you have any advice to people who are new to TRIFECTA or thinking about getting into it?
SS: Try to bring some friends with you; if you don’t win at least you can have some fun talking with your buddies about your bets, and you can win some cool prizes in the process. Besides that, it is a good thing to bring more emotion to the race!

Global Leaderboard
1. Artur Melo, 262
2. Savio Silva, 241
3. Claudia Beristain, 229

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