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Team USA Collects 32 Sprint Triathlon World Championship Medals

By USA Triathlon | Aug. 30, 2014, 9:38 a.m. (ET)

EDMONTON, Alberta — Team USA raced their way 32 total medals on Friday, Aug. 29, in the 2014 ITU Sprint Triathlon World Championships at Hawrelak Park, topping the age-group medal count.

Half of the medals won by the U.S. team in Friday’s 750-meter swim, 19.76-kilometer bike, 5-kilometer run event were gold, and U.S. amateurs swept the podium in the female 50-54 division, as well as the male 75-59 division.

American gold medalists include Maria Grilliot (16-19, Spring Valley, Ohio), Jack Toland (16-19, Kirkland, Wash.), Matt Migonis (30-34, Brighton, Mass.), Cindi Bannink (35-39, Madison, Wis.), Chris Wickard (40-44, Crown Point, Ind.), Leslie Knibb (50-54, Washington, D.C.), Donna Smyers (55-59, Adamant, Vt.), Paul Brinkmann (Flagstaff, Ariz.), Michael Orendorff (60-64, Pueblo, Colo.), Peter Hoyt (65-69, Costa Mesa, Calif.), Heysoon Lee (70-74, Morristown, N.J.), Sheila Isaacs (75-79, Shoreham, N.Y.), Donald Ardell (75-79, St. Petersburg, Fla.), Dorothy Sinson (80-84, Elmhurst, Ill.) and David Arst (80-84, Wichita, Kan.).

“We are all so fortunate to be here, to be able to race, to represent the United States,” Knibb said. “And I feel especially fortunate being here with my daughter, getting to watch her race Junior Worlds. Many thanks to USAT for all their amazing support for all the Team USA athletes.”

In addition to the 15 gold medals, the U.S. medal haul includes seven silver medals and nine bronze. With the 32 medals won on Friday, Team USA has racked up 58 medals so far, with 26 total medals earned on Wednesday at Aquathlon Worlds.

Nearly 300 Americans hit the race course for the sprint event, and a number of athletes on the team were racing in their very first ITU World Championships event.

“It was awesome – so much fun,” said first-time Team USA member Erin Earlywine (30-34, Long Beach, Calif.), who finished sixth in her age group. “All the racers from all the different countries is so fantastic. I knew it was going to be organized but it’s kind of a big deal.”

 “I’m proud to represent my family and my team, and just absolutely honored to represent my country,” said Jason Henry (45-49, Midland, Mich.), a Team USA member in his third year of racing triathlons. “I’m just thrilled.”

Team USA, the amateur contingent that represents the U.S. at ITU World Championships, boasts more than 600 amateur triathletes from 48 states and Washington, D.C. Age-groupers will also race Monday in the ITU Standard (Olympic-Distance) World Championships. In addition to Friday’s age-group Sprint World Championships, junior triathletes also competed in Hawrelak Park. Avery Evenson (Colorado Springs, Colo.), led the U.S. effort with a fifth-place finish.

The weekend showcases the best triathlon talent in the world, highlighted by the ITU World Triathlon Series Grand Final on Aug. 30-31. Under-23 athletes and paratriathletes will also compete for world titles and championship medals through Monday, Sept. 1. Visit for full coverage of each race.

2014 ITU Sprint Triathlon World Championships - Click here for complete results
750m swim, 19.76k bike, 5k run
United States Age-Group Medalists
Female 16-19

1. Maria Grilliot (Spring Valley, Ohio), 1:09:54
Male 16-19
1. Jack Toland (Kirkland, Wash.), 1:01:28
3. Griffin Bailey (St. Louis, Mo.), 1:02:13
Male 20-24
3. Dustin Weigl (Cambridge, Mass.), 1:01:41
Male 25-29
3. Ross Hartley (Pickerington, Ohio), 1:05:10
Male 30-34
1. Matt Migonis (Brighton, Mass.), 1:01:06
Female 35-39
1. Cindi Bannink (Madison, Wis.), 1:09:12
3. Diane Hankee (Lino Lakes, Minn.), 1:12:16
Female 40-44
1. Chris Wickard (Crown Point, Ind.), 1:10:47
2. Karin Biskovich (Amherst, N.H.), 1:11:32
Male 40-44
2. Jamie Cleveland (Sunset Valley, Texas), 1:02:54
Female 50-54
1. Leslie Knibb (Washington, D.C.), 1:12:43
2. Jackie Cohen (Montecito, Calif.), 1:14:16
3. Alicia Caldwell (Denver, Colo.), 1:15:17
Female 55-59
1. Donna Smyers (Adamant, Vt.), 1:15:30
Male 55-59
1. Paul Brinkmann (Flagstaff, Ariz.), 1:08:19
3. Dave Furey (Ann Arbor, Mich.), 1:10:54
Male 60-64
1. Michael Orendorff (Pueblo, Colo.), 1:10:4
2. Philip Friedman (Erie, Pa.), 1:15:59
Female 65-69
2. Lynda Lubelczyk (Manchester, N.H.), 1:27:50
3. Kathy Calabretta (Ludington, Mich.), 1:29:43
Male 65-69
1. Peter Hoyt (Costa Mesa, Calif.), 1:16:52
Female 70-741. Heysoon Lee (Morristown, N.J.), 1:40:22
Male 70-74
2. Joseph Gulaskey (Lebanon, Ore.), 1:24:41
3. Wally Herrala (Ann Arbor, Mich.), 1:24:54
Female 75-79
1. Sheila Isaacs (Shoreham, N.Y.), 2:08:40
Male 75-79
1. Donald Ardell (St. Petersburg, Fla.), 1:30:54
2. Lockett Wood (Ventura, Calif.), 1:40:39
3. James Duguay (Marietta, Ga.), 1:41:25
Female 80-84
1. Dorothy Sinson (Elmhurst, Ill.), 2:43:41
Male 80-84 
1. David Arst (Wichita, Kan.), 2:07:22
3. Brad Leonard (Missoula, Mont.), 2:15:05