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Catching up with Laura Bennett

By USA Triathlon | April 15, 2011, 4:28 p.m. (ET)

The past week has been a whirlwind for USA Triathlon National Team member and 2008 Olympian Laura Bennett. After placing a strong sixth in the opening event of the 2011 ITU World Championship Series in Sydney, Laura and her husband — newly minted U.S. athlete Greg Bennett — relocated to their home in Boulder, Colo., after training in Australia for five months. USA Triathlon caught up with Bennett after getting settled back in the U.S.

USA Triathlon: Did you have any goals entering the race in Sydney? Were you satisfied with your performance in your first race of the year?

Laura Bennett:
My goal for Sydney was a strong, consistent race. I ended up feeling quite good on the day, so I pushed the pace as much as I could. I was really disappointed to not be able to get the result I believe I was capable of given my feeling on the day due to the helmet violation, but otherwise I was pleased to kick off the season with this solid result.

(Note: Bennett was forced to serve a 15-second penalty on the run for the helmet violation.)  

USA Triathlon: Did you expect to take charge on the run like you did?

LB: I was motivated to have a strong run, but you never know who will be there. I suppose I was a bit surprised to be the one setting the pace for at least the first couple of laps.  

USA Triathlon: Following a big race like Sydney, do you take any time off or do you pick right back up with training?

LB: We traveled back from our 5-month stint down in Australia, so it is a bit of a forced break getting back to Boulder and transitioning back into our routine.

USA Triathlon: What's your race schedule looking like for the next few months?

LB: My next races will be Madrid and Kitzbuhel in June, so I will have [another] build into the summer races.

USA Triathlon: With such a big race like the first Olympic qualifier in London looming in August, how do you stay focused on all the other events on your race calendar?

LB: All the racing I do until London will be focused on ITU World Championship Series events so they will complement my prep for London.

USA Triathlon: How did the training go in Australia and when did you return to Boulder?

LB: Training went very well in Australia. All of our training went according to plan, and it was good to get a solid result from it. We returned to Boulder right after Sydney. These last four days have been a whirlwind getting adjusted and reorganized here.

USA Triathlon: What was it like seeing Greg make his debut in the U.S. uniform?  

LB: It was fun to have Greg branded in “USA.” He brings a lot of experience and cheekiness to the team. Unfortunately, he didn't get to show his training in the race in Sydney. He was in great shape, but a minor lapse in urgency in transition from swim to bike caused him to miss the pack.