Photo Gallery: USA Triathlon Age Group Draft-Legal National Championships

Eighteen-year-old Kemper Reback (North Palm Beach, Fla.) and 24-year-old Jeff Gautreau (Tucson, Ariz.) won overall titles Nov. 16 at the 2019 USA Triathlon Age Group Draft-Legal National Championships, held as part of the Sun Devil Draft-Legal Classic at Tempe Town Lake.

More than 400 athletes competed in the second annual national championship event, which featured a 750-meter swim, 20-kilometer bike and 5-kilometer run. The draft-legal format, which encourages athletes to ride in packs and work together on the bike course, is similar to the elite style of ITU racing and is gaining popularity at the age-group level. 

For the complete race recap and results, click here.

Photos by Nils Nilsen.

USA Triathlon Age Group Draft-Legal National Championships
750m swim, 20k bike, 5k run
National Champions

Overall Female: Kemper Reback (North Palm Beach, Fla.), 1:03:18
Overall Male: Jeff Gautreau (Tucson, Ariz.), 57:04
F15-19: Kemper Reback (North Palm Beach, Fla.), 1:03:18
M15-19: Drew Kroeker (Colorado Springs, Colo.), 57:05
F20-24: Katie Patrick (Sioux Falls, S.D.), 1:04:15
M20-24: Jeff Gautreau (Tucson, Ariz.), 57:04
F25-29: Emily Tato (Cambridge, Mass.), 1:03:48
M25-29: Zachary Hamner (Chula Vista, Calif.), 57:53
F30-34: Esther Willett (Cheyenne, Wyo.), 1:06:35
M30-34: Matthew Organista (Carpinteria, Calif.), 1:00:22
F35-39: Sarah Mercer (Denver, Colo.), 1:10:45
M35-39: Adam Goulet (Portland, Ore.), 1:00:34
F40-44: Cathy Yndestad (Mesa, Ariz.), 1:05:40
M40-44: Cameron Hamilton (Arlington, Va.), 1:01:39
F45-49: Rachel Chambers (Sarasota, Fla.), 1:12:44
M45-49: Greg Mueller (Granger, Ind.), 1:01:57
F50-54: Juliet Hochman (Portland, Ore.), 1:07:51
M50-54: Joe Umphenour (Aventura, Fla.), 59:45
F55-59: Debbie Richardson (Palos Verdes Estates, Calif.), 1:13:10
M55-59: Bobby Gonzales (El Paso, Texas), 1:04:04
F60-64: Loretta Nelson (Erie, Pa.), 1:21:24
M60-64: Ron Gierut (Cedar Rapids, Iowa), 1:08:48
F65-69: Maggie Riley-Hagan (San Marcos, Calif.), 1:28:19
M65-69: Steve Van Wart (Danville, Calif.), 1:14:44
F70-74: Sonia Yevich (Shepherdsville, Ky.), 1:39:36
M70-74: Larry Krutka (Tucson, Ariz.), 1:19:21
F75-79: Sally Evans (Peoria, Ariz.), 1:56:51
M75-79: Joseph Gulaskey (Bend, Ore.), 1:28:08
M80+: Lockett Wood (Lyons, Colo.), 1:44:09