USA Triathlon and USA Cycling Joint Membership

USA Triathlon and USA Cycling are proud to work collaboratively to offer an exciting membership opportunities to endurance athletes. This unique joint membership brings together a USA Triathlon Annual Membership* as well as a USA Cycling Race License* for one low price of just $99. This joint membership gives you access to both organizations great benefits and the ability to compete in both groups sanctioned events. Click here to purchase a joint membership.

Sport Growth

USA Triathlon and USA Cycling have many common goals in mind. The betterment and enhancement of each sport and providing new events and opportunities for all athletes. Whether longtime supporters or those new to Triathlon and Cycling, we invite you to join us! Essential to each of our missions is creating a positive environment that helps, challenges and inspires you to be active in our sport communities.


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*Each USA Triathlon Membership will extend 365 days beyond the initial purchase date.

*Each USA Cycling License will extend until 12/31 of the current year.