Why did USA Triathlon enter into a long-term partnership with Pocket Outdoor Media (POM), publishers of Triathlete?

Both organizations believe they can serve the multisport community and industry better when they’re working together, with each organization contributing its unique and complementary assets. Both USA Triathlon and POM have goals and priorities that align around two main areas:

·      Grow the sport at the grassroots level by increasing participation in local races, demonstrating the benefit of coaches for all levels of athletes, promoting the importance of clubs and the multisport community, and reaching new athlete audiences

·      Enhance the resources being provided to race directors, coaches, clubs, officials and athletes


Additionally, this partnership will accomplish two priorities for USA Triathlon:

·      Allow USA Triathlon to focus on what’s really important for our organization – serving you, our constituents, and providing you with the benefits, resources and programs to help you reach your objectives – and we can let the content and media experts at Pocket Outdoor Media do what they do best. 

·      Increase the value of being associated with USA Triathlon, whether as a member, certified club, coach or race director, or sanctioned race


What does Triathlete’s Triathlete Pass include?

·      Print magazine subscription to Triathlete magazine (six issues, including four that will be the joint premium magazine)

·      Exclusive member-only content on Triathlete

·      Ad-free digital experience on Triathlete

·      Personalized feed

·      Industry discounts


How do I access my Triathlete Pass account?

USA Triathlon annual members received an email on Thursday, January 21, with their unique access code.


To access your free Triathlete Pass online account please go here and:

  1. Fill out your account information and password.
  2. On the checkout page*, click the “Remove” text next to Promotion Applied, then enter your unique code in the promo code field.


*You will need to enter a valid credit card during account creation but your card will NOT be charged. Your Triathlete Pass membership will renew annually at no cost to you if you maintain an Annual USA Triathlon Membership.


Remember, your Triathlete Pass account and USA Triathlon membership account are two different accounts with separate log-in information.


How long will I be a Triathlete Pass member?

You will remain a Triathlete Pass member for as long as your USA Triathlon annual membership is active. For example, if you renewed your USA Triathlon annual membership this past October, you will be a Triathlete Pass member until October 2021. If you extend your USA Triathlon annual membership another 12 months in July, then your Triathlete Pass membership will extend 12 months as well.


Can I cancel my Triathlete Pass membership?

If you choose to cancel your membership, you’ll stay a member for the duration of your current USA Triathlon annual membership (Ex. if you have 8 months left on your USA Triathlon annual membership, you’ll remain a Triathlete Pass member for 8 months).


If you’d like to not have the Triathlete Pass benefit included when you renew your USA Triathlon annual membership, you may do so by:


1) Signing into your Membership
2) Navigating to My Profile
3) My Membership
4) Click "Cancel Membership"


What if I can’t access my Triathlete Pass account?

If you need your unique access code to claim your complimentary account for being a USA Triathlon annual member, please reach out to membership@usatriathlon.org or call us at 719-955-2807 and we can resend you your code. If you are having trouble logging in through triathlete.com, please reach out to Pocket Outdoor Media here.


What if I lost the email from USA Triathlon that includes my Triathlete Pass email?

No problem! Just log-in to your USA Triathlon membership account at membership.usatriathlon.org. Click the “Exclusive Sponsor Discounts” button and find the Triathlete Logo, your code will be right under the logo. Click the logo to be taken directly to the registration page and register.


Still having issues, just send an email to membership@usatriathlon.org or call us at 719-955-2807 and we’ll send your code to you. Your code is unique to your account, and your code will remain the same until you activate your Triathlete Pass account.


What if I have a USA Triathlon digital membership?

You receive the same Triathlete Pass benefits as all USA Triathlon annual members and you will receive a digital version of the quarterly joint premium magazine from Triathlete and USA Triathlon. USA Triathlon will send you the link each quarter and the magazine will be housed on the digital platform Zinio. You will also receive digital versions of the two standalone of issues of Triathlete on Zinio.