Welcome to the USA Triathlon Membership Concierge. Please contact our Membership Concierge at concierge@usatriathlon.org whenever you need assistance with any and all things USA Triathlon.

About the Membership Concierge

USA Triathlon Membership Concierge exists so members can get the absolute most out of their membership. New and returning members now have an outlet at USA Triathlon that will help them uncover all their needs. Need help finding a coach? Membership Concierge will get you all the way to the training ground. Need help finding races in your area? Membership Concierge will get you to the starting line. Want to create a club or find a club to train with? Membership Concierge will get you connected!

Your membership is what drives USA Triathlon and creates opportunities for countless athletes (aspiring and long-standing) in the sport. Our Concierge will help you be prepared for all your Triathlon endeavors.

FAQ Sections


What is the USA Triathlon Membership Concierge
The USA Triathlon Membership Concierge is a direct access point for members to communicate with USA Triathlon.

How does the Concierge program work for individuals?
USA Triathlon members will contact concierge@usatriathlon.org with any questions they may have.

Who does the Membership Concierge help?
The Membership Concierge will help all members who are brand new to the sport or returning to accomplish greater goals.

What questions can I ask Membership Concierge?
Any! Whatever question you may have can be answered by our Membership Concierge.

Here are some questions you may have as a member of USA Triathlon.

  • How do I find a club in my area?
  • What is the best way to train for a triathlon?
  • Are there any races in my area?
  • How do I start a triathlon club?
  • How can I get my child involved in triathlon?
  • Are there any scholarship opportunities in triathlon for my child?

All of these questions and more can be answered by our Concierge. USA Triathlon will help you with every need you have and we will get you where you want to be.


USAT Membership

What is an annual membership?
An annual membership allows an athlete to compete in USA Triathlon sanctioned races and clinics while receiving many benefits which include: a subscription to the quarterly USA Triathlon publication, inclusion in the USA Triathlon national ranking system (after competing in at least three USAT sanctioned triathlon or duathlon events, or two aquabike, aquathlon or off-road triathlon event(s), discounts from USA Triathlon sponsors, as well as eligibility to qualify for Team USA and compete at ITU World Championship events.