Membership Overview

With a USA Triathlon membership, athletes join a community that works together to grow, inspire and support each other and the multisport community at large. All of USA Triathlon’s membership fees are returned to the local racing community in the form of support, insurance coverage and more.

One-Day License

If you are not an annual member, you must purchase a one-day license to participate in a USA Triathlon sanctioned event. A one-day license also provides the athlete participant accident medical coverage while they are participating in a USA Triathlon Sanctioned Event. Cost: $15 per event.

One-Day Licenses are purchased for a specific race, are transferable, are non-refundable, and are NOT sold directly through USA Triathlon (as they are race specific). There are two ways to purchase a one-day license:

  • Most event registration systems will allow the purchase of a One-Day License while registering for your race.
  • If the option is not available during registration, the race director will have the option to purchase the One-Day License at the race packet pickup.

Purchase a USA Triathlon Membership

Visit the membership hub to sign up for a USA Triathlon Annual Membership.

USA Triathlon Membership Hub

Visit the USA Triathlon membership hub to manage your athlete profile; find local races, clubs and coaches; access your digital membership card and more.

Now that you're a member, you can take advantage of USA Triathlon tools and resources to discover new ways to become involved in multisport no matter where you are in the nation or along your multisport journey.

Membership Renewal

Renew your USA Triathlon Annual Membership today by logging into your account on the Membership Hub

Upgrade Your One-Day License to an Annual Membership

If you have purchased a One-Day License within the last year, you can apply that $15 towards the purchase of an Annual Membership! All you have to do is visit the membership system and purchase an annual membership. Enter your One-Day License code in the Discount Code section when checking out to receive $15 off your purchase.

Benefits, FAQs and More

By becoming an annual USA Triathlon member, you get access to the following benefits:

  • Subscription to USA Triathlon Magazine, the only triathlon print publication in the United States
  • One-year subscription to Multisport Zone, a weekly e-newsletter filled with training advice, nutrition tips, race news and inspirational athlete profiles
  • Inclusion in USA Triathlon National Rankings. Athletes completing three or more sanctioned on-road triathlons or duathlons, or two or more aquathlons, aquabikes, or off-road triathlons, and are active members on 11/1 of the race year, receive a National Ranking and have the chance to earn All American honors* (top 10% of each age group)
  • Exclusive discounts from USA Triathlon sponsors (Discount codes are accessed via your personal account on the USA Triathlon Membership Hub)
  • Eligibility to qualify as a Team USA member at USA Triathlon National Championships and represent your country while competing at World Triathlon Age-Group World Championships each year
  • Ability to compete in USA Triathlon National Championships across all multisport disciplines
  • Special pricing at USA Triathlon’s Official Online Store
  • “USA Triathlon Member” window sticker
  • Excess accident insurance while participating in USA Triathlon-sanctioned events

If your membership question is not answered in the FAQs below, please contact our Membership Department at or 719-955-2807.

Why do I have to purchase a One-Day License or Annual Membership for my event?
When a race director sanctions with USA Triathlon, it is required for each participant to purchase either a One-Day License or hold an Annual Membership in order to participate in said event.

Why do I have to sign the waiver every year if I am an annual member?
Waivers are only valid for a 365 day membership period and therefore need to be signed at every purchase or renewal. Items may change on the waiver from year to year and thus it is important that USA Triathlon ensures all athletes are aware of these changes.

Can I purchase or renew my membership over the phone?
Unfortunately no, for liability reasons each time you renew you need to sign a new waiver. This can be done via your online membership account.

Is a USA Triathlon Annual Membership based on a calendar year or a revolving year?
USA Triathlon memberships are based on a revolving year. Your annual membership is good for 365 days; for example if you purchase a membership on June 8th, it would not expire until June 7th of the following year.

Can I renew my membership early?
Absolutely! If you renew your membership before your current expiration date, your membership will extend for another 365 days from your original expiration date. If you let your membership lapse, you will receive a 365 day membership from when you submit your renewal. Your membership number will remain the same as long as you log into your account to purchase the renewal or submit a paper application with information matching what is on your account.

What are membership fees used for?
Membership fees are used for the development, research, and upkeep of USA Triathlon age-group programs such as championships, event sanctioning, officiating, rankings, membership, media, etc. In all, 100% of membership fees are used to support the local race community.

Auto Renewal
For convenience, USA Triathlon offers annual members the opportunity to opt in to auto renewal when renewing a membership account. If you have opted in but want to change your preference (opt out), please email our Membership Department at

Can I cancel and/or defer my membership?
All memberships sold have a no refund/deferment/transfer policy.

What are my membership options if I'm deployed while serving in the military?
Membership options during military deployments are handled on a case by case basis. Please email our Membership Department at for further instructions.

Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Annual Membership and Creating Account

Creating a Parent Account

Downloading Your Digital Member Card

Adding a Child Account

Buying an Annual Membership with Auto Renew

Completing Safe Sport Certification

Uploading a Club Roster

Upgrading Your One Day Membership