Age-Group Draft Legal Duathlon

Clermont, Florida

Nov. 08, 2015 12 a.m. (ET)

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Course Layout 

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Draft-Legal Information 

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1. Will there be an ITU non-drafting Sprint Duathlon World Championships in 2016?

Yes — the 2016 ITU Duathlon Sprint World Championships in 2016 will be held in Spain. There will be a draft-legal Sprint Worlds event. The ITU Standard Duathlon Worlds race will feature the non-drafting format that has been contested in the past.

2. How will athletes qualify for the draft-legal Sprint World Championships in Spain?

Draft-Legal Qualifier — Clermont, FL, Nov. 8, 2015

This event will be the first opportunity athletes will have to confirm their spot on Team USA for the draft-legal Sprint Duathlon Worlds in 2016. Ten (10) spots in each age group will be available at this event. All athletes must finish within 30 percent of the age group winner’s time in order to earn the right to the spot. There will not be any roll downs at this event; only those in the top 10 and within 30 percent of the age group winner’s time will be considered for Team USA.

USA Triathlon Duathlon National Championships — Saint Paul, MN, June 6, 2015

USA Triathlon will reserve 8 spots in each age group at this event. The spots will be awarded after the draft-legal qualifying race slots have been allocated and confirmed (likely end of 2015). Athletes must also be within 30 percent of the age group winner’s time in order to meet qualification. After the commitment of 8 positions is met, slots will pass down at this race according to the following:

  • For as many athletes who finish in the age group within 30 percent of the age group winner’s time


  • Capacity of 18 spots in the age group is met, whichever happens first. Note: USA Triathlon is restricted to a capacity limit of 18 athletes per age group for all ITU World Championship events.

3. How do athletes qualify for the non-drafting Standard Duathlon Worlds?

All of the standard slots will be allocated at the USA Triathlon Duathlon National Championships in Saint Paul on June 6, 2015. The ITU World Championships at the standard/Olympic-distance will NOT be draft-legal.

4. When will the draft-legal sprint qualifier be announced?

A formal announcement will come in the next 2-3 weeks with more information but the event is set for Sunday, Nov. 8, 2015 in Clermont, Florida, at Lake Louisa State Park. 

5. If I decide to race in the draft-legal sprint duathlon world championships qualifier, what will be expected of me at that time to confirm my spot?

The process will be managed the same way we always do — athletes will be tracked and notified by USA Triathlon that they have earned the spot. No pass downs will be offered. A down payment of $50 for those who do the separate qualifying event would be required by a soon to be determined date. USA Triathlon will reach out to all qualified athletes via email in regard to this.

6. How can I best prepare for the draft-legal race, assuming I ultimately qualify via the draft-legal qualifier or at Duathlon Sprint Nationals in Saint Paul?

You can compete in draft-legal events in 2016 in the U.S., receive coaching support in the draft-legal discipline, compete in USA Cycling events, work with your clubs on some training rides where drafting in groups can be practiced. USA Triathlon will also be creating a draft-legal webinar that will serve as an additional resource for you on the draft-legal discipline. Look for exact date, time, and details soon.

10. What equipment is required to compete at draft-legal event?

Draft-legal races follow ITU Draft-Legal Rules. Please click here to review the ITU rules to learn about equipment allowed in draft-legal events.

11. Why is a Draft-Legal Sprint race not being held in Saint Paul during the Duathlon National Championships weekend?

We have broached this subject with key contacts in Saint Paul and also looked at the schedule of the events to determine feasibility. Due to the timeline on Saturday as well as the inability to receive additional permits and the time needed on the roads, we were simply unable to get the race added to the schedule.

Draft Legal Webinar

Register and purchase the Ken Axford, Cycling: Group Ride Fundamentals, Skills and Tactics Webinar here. In this webinar, Coach Ken will walk through the fundamental skills required to safely and confidently cycle in a group. Read more about the webinar and Coach Ken Axford.