The Icon1Multisport Triathlon Run and Swim Skills Camp - 9 USAT CEUs

Clermont, Florida

March 01 - 02, 2019

USA Triathlon Certified Coaches receive 9 USAT CEUs for attending this camp. 

The Icon1Multisport Triathlon Run and Swim Skills Camp is designed to provide athletes and coaches of all levels with the hands-on opportunity to develop the skills necessary to see the desired results within themselves and/or their athletes. The camp focuses primarily on swim and run skill development as it relates to the sport of triathlon for athletes and coaches. It is a 12 hour course delivered through practical, individualized attention over 2 days taught by USAT Triathlon Level III Coach Shelly O'Brien.  

Attendees can register as either an Assistant Coach or Athlete. The two groups are kept together throughout the camp, but the experience for each does vary. Assistant Coaches shadow Shelly as she guides them on how to assess and test athletes, teach crucial elements of swim stroke and run mechanics, and make athletes stronger and healthier. Athletes are assessed through run and swim video analysis and individualized instruction and then taken through the drills and skill development work needed to help improve form and build fitness during the practicums.

Topics include:
-Individual Swim and Run Tests
-Individual Video Assessments
-Swim Mechanics, Training and Drills
-Run Mechanics, Training and Drills
-Open Water Simulation Training
-Strength Training