Webinar: Alliance Management: Establishing And Building Relationships For Successful Race Production

Feb. 24, 2015 3 p.m. (ET)

Topic: Alliance Management: Establishing and Building Relationships for Successful Race Production

The successful business of event production is highly dependent upon relationships with clubs, athletes, sponsors, volunteer groups, local permitting authorities and the communities surrounding the venues where events are held. How can all these individual pieces be put in place and managed effectively? There have been webinars on these individual topics and this webinar will provide a broader overview of how all of these interdependent aspects are orchestrated to produce a successful event.  This webinar will present the following:

  • Overview of establishing relationships
  • Managing relationships within the region you operate
  • Managing relationships within your organization
  • Event acquisition/co-promotion
  • The value of “Goodwill”Case studies

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Mike Groaning
Originally from St. Louis, MO, Mike started his love of sports with baseball and soccer before moving to Colorado for graduate school where he became involved in ice hockey, cycling, and running.  When he moved to Switzerland for his post-doctoral research and began working in the pharmaceutical industry, he started to swim and triathlon became a natural next progression which continued when he returned to Colorado.  His first endeavors as race director started with the cycling team he raced with in Boulder, CO.  He currently serves as the Race Director Liaison for the Mideast Region organizing the Mideast/Midwest Race Director Symposium. He is a USA Triathlon Level 2 certified race director and host several races a year across the US.  One of his events this year includes a collegiate draft legal race at Purdue University where he serves as the Head Coach of the Purdue University Triathlon Club. One of his favorite roles with USA Triathlon is serving as the Mideast Region Talent Identification Coordinator where he has the honor of interacting with so many passionate youth/junior coaches, high performance teams, and athletes.  

When he isn’t working on triathlon, he works for a small pharmaceutical company as Associate Director of CMC and Alliance Manager.  He serves as the key technical expert in partnering/licensing due diligence activities and maintaining those relationships once they are established. 

Entry Fee: $14.99 USAT Member or Race Director (0 CEU); $24.99 USAT Certified Race Director (1 CEU); $29.99 Non-USAT Members (0 CEU)