Webinar: Ensuring Athlete Satisfaction And Retention

Sept. 30, 2014 3 p.m. (ET)

Topic: Ensuring Athlete Satisfaction and Retention

With numerous triathlon events now giving athletes room to pick and choose local races in which to participate, race directors must give crucial effort to ensure athletes enjoy events enough to come back. Understanding the importance of customer satisfaction is key, but building a process around keeping them is even more important. A satisfied customer will be a loyal customer; that’s why race director Tina Whiteford constantly works to keep all the athletes happy and coming back the following year, bringing others with them. Because of her efforts, each year has seen her event participation on the rise even as the number of local races continues to increase. In this race director-focused webinar, Tina will go in-depth on the following objectives:

  • Customer Satisfaction, how it impacts your business
  • Build a lasting relationship with your athletes
  • How do you know if your athletes are happy
  • How to retain current customers along with attracting new customers
  • Creating value and making sure athletes are aware of them
  • Are there opportunities to improve

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Tina Whiteford
Owner and Race Director of I Tri Events, LLC in Houston, Texas. Tina is also a Level II Race Director, Level I Triathlon Trainer, and Certified Youth Race Director. Tina sits on the USA Triathlon Race Director Committee and has for the past year and half and enjoys the opportunity to help other race directors when possible. She has over 25 years in marketing and received her marketing and business degree from Indiana University. As a company owner I am constantly trying to maintain and improve athlete satisfaction each and every day. Every day when I experience bad service I try to think how I can improve service at I Tri Events.

Tina has been doing triathlons, bike events, and marathons for over 15 years. She has been training triathlon athletes for the last four years with a focus on newbies. Without new athletes entering our sport it will die; by constantly bringing new athletes into our sport it will continue to grow. I’ve never had a better job and love every day.

Entry Fee: $14.99 USAT Member or Race Director (0 CEU); $24.99 USAT Certified Race Director (1 CEU); $29.99 Non-USAT Members (0 CEU)