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Multisport is Heading to Omaha in 2024!

The 2024 USA Triathlon Multisport National Championships is coming to Omaha, Nebraska! All races will be held at Lake Cunningham, a 390-acre lake surrounded by a 1,050-acre park located in north central Omaha. Lake Cunningham underwent significant renovations beginning in 2017 and reopened in August 2021. Athletes can expect a rolling bike course with a scenic and relatively flat run course with lake views.

The 2024 USA Triathlon Multisport National Championships Festival schedule will include the following events:

Wednesday, June 5

  • Open Water Swim Competition

Thursday, June 6

  • Standard Aquabike National Championship
  • Super Sprint Triathlon Time Trial National Championship
  • Super Sprint Duathlon Time Trial National Championship

Friday, June 7

  • Standard Duathlon National Championship
  • Standard Aquathlon National Championship

Saturday, June 8

  • Draft-Legal Sprint Duathlon National Championship
  • Draft-Legal Sprint Triathlon National Championship
  • Youth Triathlon

Sunday June 9

  • Mixed Relay Triathlon National Championship
  • Individual Medley Triathlon
  • Mixed Relay Duathlon National Championship

This event will serve as a qualifier for Team USA, updated qualification standards will be released soon.

2023 Results

Are you a Multisport Master?

If you want to prove your mettle all weekend, you can earn the title of Multisport Master! Anyone who completes five or more races will earn the honor and a special belt buckle commemorating the feat. There are also discounts for those planning to do three, four or more events, 

Discounts for Multiple Event Registrations!

Are you planning to do three or more events in Irving? We've got discounts for you! Enter one of the following codes at checkout.

  • MSFEST3EVENT - 5% off (Athletes must register for three (3) races to receive discount)
  • MSFEST5EVENT - 10% off (Athletes must register for five (5) races to receive discount)
  • MSFEST8EVENT - 15% off (Athletes must register for eight (8) races to receive discount)

Important Registration Information

Please read all of the below information before registering. No qualification is required to participate in this event. All are welcome!

  • There is no transfer or deferment of entries from one year to the next
  • There are no refunds
  • Athletes MUST be annual USA Triathlon members to race. There are no one-day memberships sold for this event.
  • Athletes MUST be 15 years of age by Dec. 31, 2024, to compete in sprint-distance races and 17 years of age to compete Olympic/Standard-distance races, no exceptions.
  • Registration closes when the event is sold out or by Monday, June 3, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. CT.
  • Athletes in the Youth Triathlon MUST be 7 years of age by Dec. 31, 2024 to compete. No exceptions allowed. Register for the Youth Triathlon.

Transfers to a higher-priced race at the same event are acceptable, but will require paying the price difference. Transfers to lower-priced races at the same event are acceptable, but will not receive a refund. Email nationalevents@usatriathlon.org to request the transfer.

*USA Triathlon reserves the right to modify race maximum numbers*


No qualification is necessary for races at the Multisport National Championships Festival! All people and skill levels are welcome to participate.

Relay Team Registration

Relay teams must be two males and two females. Each person pays their own registration fee. One person on the team should be designated as the captain and be the first to register. Upon starting registration for the Mixed Relay registration type, there is an option at the top to join or create a team. The captain must click 'Create a Team,' type in the team name, click 'Create Team,' then proceed with registration.

The other three team members will start the Mixed Relay registration and click 'Join a Team,' then select the appropriate team and proceed with registration.

Event Cancellation and Modification Policy

In the event of extreme weather, natural disaster, community disaster or other unforeseen emergencies, our action steps will be as follows:

  • USA Triathlon, in concert with local officials, will make the final decision based on safety of the athletes, spectators, vendors, volunteers and others affiliated with the event.
  • USAT may, based on the conditions of the course, shorten the distances or cancel the event altogether.
  • Because costs of the event have already been paid out to cover various levels of production expenses, there will be NO REFUNDS, transferred entry fees or future complimentary entry fees.

Club National Championships

The Multisport National Championships Festival is the proud host of the 2024 USA Triathlon Club National Championships. Clubs can earn awards based on the performance of its club members, participation numbers, club sprit and more. Additional information on the club competition may be found below in the Event Information section.

Event Information

Learn more about USA Triathlon's anti-doping rules .

USA Triathlon takes clean sport and anti-doping very seriously. In accordance with U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) regulations, athletes may be drug tested at this event. Should drug testing occur, there are strict protocols that must be followed and will be coordinated by the on-site USADA representative as well as a USA Triathlon staff member. For information on USADA, please click here. List prohibited and banned substances.

The rules governing Clydesdale and Athena races, including weigh-in procedures, may be found in the 2023 Clydesdale and Athena Divisions Amended Rules document on the officiating page and are unlikely to change from 2023.

The Multisport National Championship Festival will serve as USA Triathlon's Club Championship for 2024.

Scoring will focus on a competitive score (top 10 club scores) and a reward for participation so that every club member contributes to the success of the team.

Participation and Performance-Based Scoring

Each individual athlete will be scored in their respective age group based on their finish among all athletes within their age group in each race. Relay events will not count towards a club team score.

  • 1st place = 10 points
    2nd place = 9 points
    3rd place = 8 points
    4th place = 7 points
    5th place = 6 points
    6th place = 5 points
    7th place = 4 points
    8th place = 3 points
    9th place = 2 point
    10th place = 1 point
  • Top 10 SCORES in the club count toward the club competitive score. Each additional score the club tallies is worth a .25 (1/4) participation point. Top 10 club finisher points are added together along with each participation point for the overall team score.

Tie Breakers: In the case of the tie, each of the tied teams best age group finishers will be counted. The team with the most 1st place finishes will win the tie breaker. If no first-place finishes by either team, the most second place finishes will break the tie, etc.

Only multisport events will be counted towards the team score (excludes open water swim and run only races).

Additional Details

  • All adult clubs will be competing against all other adult clubs and they will not be separated based on gender. Each club member will be scored within their respective category and age group. Since athletes are awarded points based on the place earned in their respective age group and gender, this gives all clubs an opportunity to win, regardless if they are an all-female club, an all-male club or mixed-gender club.
  • Club divisions will not be created or tiered for the club competition. Because only 10 scores are needed to have a team score, and many events are offered at Multisport Festival, all clubs will be on a similar playing field. The participation points will add up and benefit clubs who can bring the most athletes.
  • This scoring system will be used at USA Triathlon Club Nationals and is suggested at USA Triathlon State Championships if another scoring system isn’t currently in place. This scoring system will also be used as a template for other race directors to use if they are wanting to implement a club competition. However, since many of our race directors already have other successful scoring systems, we will not be implementing this at all USAT sanctioned races, RDs still may be creative in their club scoring (i.e., adding in points for volunteering, club spirit, etc.).
  • Since Multisport Festival does include numerous races, each club member can participate in as many races as they would like. Each race they participate in will count as one score in the club competition (for example if Athlete A participates in four races they would count as four scores for the team).
  • All athletes must register under their club’s name prior to the start of the competition. Anyone who does not register under the club may not be counted towards the team score. There may be a chance to update registration with club affiliation at packet pickup but this is not guaranteed. All athletes may only affiliate with one (1) club and the club must be a registered club of USA Triathlon.
  • There is no minimum number of athletes or scores needed to have a good score, but clubs must count 10 total finishes to be eligible for participation in the club competition. One athlete can have multiple age group finishes . For example, a club could bring 10 athletes and each athletes completes one race for a total of 10 scores or a club could bring three athletes and athlete 1 could do three races, athlete 2 could do three races and athlete 3 could do four races.

Awards for Club Nationals

  • 1st – 3rd Overall Club Scores
  • 1st – 3rd Highest Participation
  • 1st – 3rd Top 10 Team Scores
  • Club Spirit Award (1st Place)
  • Greatest Growth in Club Participation from Previous Year (Club must have attended the previous year)
Course maps will be shared at a later date.

All athletes, spectators, family, and friends are encouraged to download the USA Triathlon Events App. Users can follow the progress of athletes as they race through each of USA Triathlon’s Owned National Championships. Download the app today!

App FAQs

In the event of an emergency or the need of USA Triathlon to communicate important information on event-day, please stay tuned to USA Triathlon's social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter (@usatriathlon and @USATlive), your email, the USA Triathlon Events App, and venue PA announcements.

Upon finishing athletes can expect to receive the following at the post-race food tent: bananas, oranges, cookies, bagels, peanut butter cups and chips. Gatorade will also be distributed at the finish line. 

USA Triathlon Sportsmanship Creed

As competitive athletes and members of the triathlon community, you know there is no better feeling than succeeding in your endeavors in sport. As a competitor at USA Triathlon events, you have a responsibility to demonstrate the highest standards of sportsmanship per the USA Triathlon Rulebook (Article III, Sections 3.3 and 3.4, Line b.), and as such, should always show respect for the sport, your fellow athletes, race staff, officials, volunteers and spectators. Each individual athlete shares this responsibility, which includes refraining from the use of improper language and conduct detrimental to the community at large. This rule will be strictly enforced and disrespectful language or conduct will not be tolerated.

For more information on USA Triathlon rules and sportsmanship, please reference the USA Triathlon Competitive Rules.