The Fine Print on the 2022 Age Group Mixed Relay National Championships and Qualification for 2023 Worlds

What is it?

Mixed Relay is the most exciting and spectator-friendly format of triathlon where a team composed of four people, two males and two females, each completes an entire super sprint triathlon. In Irving, each team member will do a 250m swim, 5k bike (draft-legal), and 1.2k run. As each person finishes, they tag the next person to start the swim and complete their leg of the race. The fourth and final team member will complete their swim-bike-run and anchor their team through the finish for the final time.

Athletes can enter and compete with whomever they like for the Mixed Relay in Irving. That will allow you to be flexible and race with anyone you wish to compete with in the event. For example, that will allow family members to form a team, club members, friends, and others who have always wanted to compete with someone on a relay - for the right to be the nation’s best in this new event.  Each athlete in the relay will complete a super sprint distance in succession with a physical hand off occurring between each competing athlete in an area designated for this. 

National Championship Awards

Awards for combined ages of the four person teams (2 males/2 females) will be:

  • 100 combined years and under
  • 101-130 combined years
  • 131-160 combined years
  • 161-190 combined years
  • 191-220 combined years
  • 221-250 combined years
  • 251-280 combined years
  • 281+ combined years

For example, a team consisting of people aged 60, 62, 59, and 62 would have 243 total combined years and be eligible for the 221-250 age division. A team consisting of four people each aged 25 years or younger would be eligible for 100 years and under division.

Awards will be five deep per category. Each category will also award the top Clydesdale and Athena team assuming that each athlete has met the weigh-in criteria (220+ lbs for males and 165+ lbs for females).

World Championships Qualification

For the purpose of worlds qualification, those teams that are comprised of athletes in ten-year increments – 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80-89 and the one age group that is a five year age span – 15-19 – and include two males and two females, will be one of the ten teams we can field for worlds based on finishing place and time. USAT will take all the four person teams that have all athletes in the same ten-year age span and position them in finish time order. Only these teams with four athletes (two male and two female) in the same ten-year age span will automatically qualify for worlds. 

All other athletes who are not part of teams that fall within the same ten-year age span will serve as the pool from which USAT will form additional relays. USAT will review athlete finish times as part of this assessment.  So, athletes who might be competing in a team of mixed ages – i.e.  a 40-year-old, a 50-year-old, a 20-year-old and a 39-year-old will be placed in a pool and positioned on a team by USAT staff.  These teams will be formed after the teams that have all four athletes in the same ten-year age span are confirmed. Once we hit ten teams in a ten-year age span, athletes not placed on a team will be considered alternates until slots open up for these athletes to be entered onto a team. This will happen through the date of worlds registration closing in 2023 (Hamburg Germany – date TBD). 

All athletes wishing to be part of worlds will need to indicate interest in being considered a member of a relay team. Priority will go to those who form relays in the same year age spans.  Second priority will be all those who compete in the MR who are competing with team members who are not in the same ten-year age span categories.  Finish times will drive the decisions for the latter.  Overall relay times and place will dictate team spots for those competing with athletes in the same ten-year age span. 

If we get to the final few relays and have a mix and match of athletes we need to fill the teams for worlds, we will lean on the results of the Multisport Festival draft-legal sprint triathlon to fill these voids. Athletes will be selected based on fastest times in ten-year increments.  For example, Jenny Tobin is 31 years old. She finished first in her age group.  Cindy Sloker is 36 and finished first in her age group.  Jenny finished in 1:05.41.  Cindy finished in 1:06.21.  If we had one women’s slot to fill for one team that was for 30-39, Jenny would get that final slot.  These assessments would be done for all open relays until such time we have either filled ten team in a ten-year age span OR we run out of athletes to consider for the open relay positions.   

Indicating Interest

If you are interested in competing on a mixed relay team and are seeking some other members of your team, look no further than on the registration platform for the event.  Where you see the question - ‘Are you looking for other team members?’, click yes if so, and we will randomly assign you to a team where other registrants also clicked the same.

Click here for more registration info and to register today!