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Pre-Race Briefings - All Occurring Virtually

Please join the race director for live rules briefings, all happening virtually over Zoom. Most races will have their own individual briefing, so you only need to attend the briefing for races that you are participating in. The race director will cover all important event details, from courses to parking and more. There will also be a specific session just covering Team USA World Championship qualification.

Advance registration is encouraged by clicking the respective links below. All sessions will occur live at 7 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. PT and will be recorded. Recordings will be posted here for those who cannot attend live.

Participant List

Click here to view the latest participant list. The list is updated periodically.

USA Triathlon Foundation VIP driven by Toyota 

Enhance your race weekend with VIP access to the USA Triathlon Foundation VIP area. Enjoy the convenience, hospitality and dedicated viewing areas offered to Foundation VIP guests and get a front-row seat at the finish line.

  • Single VIP Access for 1 individual - $150.00
  • Couple VIP Access for 2 individuals - $250.00
  • Family VIP Access for up to 5 individuals - $500.00

Click here to register today for VIP Access.

The USA Triathlon Foundation VIP benefits the Foundation's mission to encourage youth participation, inspire para and adaptive athletes and ignite the dreams of Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls. To learn more about the Foundation and get involved, please visit

VIP Tent Schedule

  • Thursday, April 28 - 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • Friday, April 29 - 6:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, April 30 - 6:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • Sunday, May 1 - 6:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Venue Address

All races will take place at Levy Event Plaza, 501 E Las Colinas Blvd, Irving, Texas 75039.

Anti-Doping 101

Learn more about anti-doping rules here.


The following award categories will be presented at the 2022 Multisport National Championships Festival, each category going three places deep, except for Mixed Relay (see relay section below).

  • Standard Duathlon and Standard Aquabike: Ages 17-19, 20-24, 25-29, etc. through 85-89 or older.
  • Aquathlon, Draft-Legal Sprint Triathlon, Draft-Legal Sprint Duathlon, Super Sprint Time Trial: Ages 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, etc. through 85-89 or older.
  • Clydesdale and Athena awards will be provided for each championship event: Clydesdales 39 and under, 40-59, 60+ and Athenas 39 and under, 40-54, 55+.
  • The Open Water Swim competition and Non-Championship Olympic-Triathlon will offer awards to the top three in each male/female category: overall, 15-39, 40-59, 60+.
  • PC Open (physically challenged open division) awards will go to the top three overall males and females in these races: Open Water Swim, Aquathlon, Standard Duathlon, Standard Aquabike, Olympic-Triathlon, Super Sprint Time Trial. The PC Open division is not available for the Mixed Relay, Draft-Legal Triathlon and Draft-Legal Duathlon.

For specific race entry and award eligibility requirements, please see the registration page. Clydesdales and Athenas will race in their respective age group. But those who have identified as a Clydesdale or Athena during registration are ALSO eligible for separate Clydesdale and Athena awards.

Award categories are subject to change pending final event participation numbers.

Mixed Relay Awards

Awards will be distributed three places deep based on the cumulative total of the team's ages. 

  • 100 combined years and under
  • 101-130 combined years
  • 131-160 combined years
  • 161-190 combined years
  • 191-220 combined years
  • 221-250 combined years
  • 251-280 combined years
  • 281-310 combined years
  • 311+ combined years

For example, a team consisting of people aged 60, 62, 59, and 62 would have 243 total combined years and be eligible for the 221-250 age division. A team consisting of four people each aged 25 years or younger would be eligible for 100 years and under division.

Awards will be three deep per category for teams comprised of two males and two females ONLY.

Each combined age category will also award the top Clydesdale and Athena team assuming that each athlete has met the weigh-in criteria (220+ lbs for males and 165+ lbs for females).

More details on the mixed relay and worlds qualification can be found on this page.

Multisport Master

Do you have what it takes to finish 5 or more races at the Multisport National Championships Festival? Are you a true master of swimming, biking and running? Don’t miss your chance to be crowned a Multisport Master! As part of the first ever Multisport National Championships Festival, athletes who finish five or more races will earn the title of Multisport Master. This proves you truly are a master of multisport. Newly crowned masters will receive a special belt buckle for their accomplishment at the final awards ceremony on Sunday, May 1. The only requirement is finishing five or more races.

Multisport Athlete of the Year

The Multisport National Championships Festival is a great path to be crowned the 2022 Multisport Athlete of the Year! Click here or scroll down to view details and requirements. This award is based on finishes over the course of the year, not just at the Festival.

Awards Ceremonies and Team USA Qualification

For the first time, USA Triathlon is hosting a one-of-a-kind Awards Ceremony and Celebration Lounge each night of the event Thursday-Sunday. Friday and Saturday night will be hosted at the Texas Lottery Plaza located at 340 West Las Colinas Boulevard, Irving, TX 75039, with live music, race highlights on a jumbo inflatable screen, Mamma Tried Irving bar cart, jumbo lawn games and more. Thursday and Sunday’s ceremonies will take place at the Levy Event Plaza Awards Stage and include jumbo lawn games, music, race highlights on a jumbo inflatable screen, and more. All ceremonies are open to public and the local community is encouraged to join and participate

The awards ceremonies will take place each evening for the days respective races. Please note the different ceremony locations each day:

  • Thursday, April 28: 5:30 p.m. at Levy Event Plaza
  •   Details: Jumbo lawn games; music; race day highlights; custom backdrop for photo opportunities  
  • Friday, April 29, 6 p.m. at Texas Lottery Plaza (at Toyota Music Factory)
  • Details: Welcome address from USA Triathlon CEO Rocky Harris; Mamma Tried Irving bar cart; DFW local band “Super Kilo” performing live at 8 p.m.; seating includes picnic tables, large beanbags and lawn chairs; custom backdrop for photo opportunities  
  • Saturday, April 30 at 6 p.m. at Texas Lottery Plaza (at Toyota Music Factory)
  • Details: Mamma Tried Irving bar cart; DFW local band “Astro James” performing live at 8 p.m.; seating includes picnic tables, large beanbags and lawn chairs; custom backdrop for photo opportunities  
  • Sunday, May 1 at 7 p.m. at Levy Event Plaza
  •   Details: Jumbo lawn games; music; race day highlights; custom backdrop for photo opportunities  

The Texas Lottery Plaza is located within the Toyota Music Factory at 340 West Las Colinas Blvd., Irving, TX 75039. 

The Team USA Lounge presented by KT Tape will be at Levy Event Plaza and is for athletes that qualify for the 2023 World Championships at the Multisport Festival. The lounge will be open Thursday-Sunday. Please note that spot claiming MUST be done in the lounge while in Irving. If you do not claim your spot while in Irving, your spot will roll down to the next athlete. If travel plans do not allow for this, you can send a surrogate to claim your spot for you.

Lounge Hours at Levy Event Plaza:

  • Thursday, April 28: 2pm-6pm
  • Friday, April 29: 2pm-6pm 
  • Saturday, April 30: 2pm-6pm
  • Sunday, May 1: 2pm-8pm

Please note: The hours were determined to give athletes an opportunity to visit the lounge and claim their spot at any point throughout the weekend. The lounge will also be open to coincide with the awards ceremonies each day, so athletes can claim their spot after receiving their award. For Friday and Saturday, when the awards are at the Texas Lottery Plaza, Team USA will be present ONLY for spot claiming. Athletes can still visit the lounge the following day to interact with the different vendors and receive their gift. 

All-American Recognition

The USA Triathlon National Rankings are one of the great benefits you receive as a USA Triathlon annual member. Rankings allow you to see how you stack up against friends, family, co-workers and others in your age group across the country. This year, we will also be awarding All-American status for National Championships. At the Multisport National Championships Festival, the top 10% of athletes per age group will earn this recognition in all national championship races. Upon completion of the event, an electronic certificate will be sent to each athlete honoring their accomplishment. In addition, a complete list of all member rankings is posted right here

Aquathlon National Championships Format

The format of Aquathlon Nationals will depend on the projected water temperature. For this race, the wetsuit cutoff is 71.6 degrees F. If the projected water temperature during race week is at or below 71.6 degrees F, the format will be a 1000m swim and 5k run. If the projected water temperature is above 71.6, the format will be a 2.5k run, 1000m swim, 2.5k run. The decision on race format will be made closer to the event. The average water temperature in late April is between 66-70 degrees F.

Water Temperature for Aquathlon Race Format

Water temperature as of 11 a.m. CT on April 28 – 70.2 degrees

Water temperature as of 6 a.m. CT on April 29 — 70.3 degrees


With a water temperature of 70.3 degrees, Friday's Aquathlon National Championships will be contested as a 1000m swim, 5k run. The race will be wetsuit legal. 


MNCF bibBib Numbering - One Bib Number Regardless of Number of Races

Due to the nature of the Multisport National Championships Festival's nine total races, all athletes will be assigned one bib number regardless of the number of races registered for (excluding mixed relay - see below). Whether you are registered for one race or seven, each athlete will receive just one bib number and accompanying race identification materials (bike post number, helmet numbers, tattoos, wristband, and swim cap).

Additionally, each athlete will also have an assigned spot in transition area based on their bib number. Athletes are required to rack at their assigned bib number (which is assigned by age group) and may not rack their bike at any other location. The wristband provided at packet pickup will have the same bib number printed on it. Wearing your assigned wristband is required to enter and exit transition area - no exceptions. Athletes must remove their bike from transition area at the conclusion of each race. Bikes MAY NOT be left in transition area during a race for which an athlete is not racing. 

Note that athletes who are racing the mixed relay will receive a separate set of numbers to be used only for the relay. Relay numbers will consist of the team's bib number and a letter corresponding to the athlete's order on their team. For instance, team number one will have numbers 1A, 1B, 1C, and 1D and team twenty will have numbers 20A, 20B, 20C, and 20D. Each team will need to determine their order prior to retrieving their packet. Each relay team also must be fully present to retrieve their packets and timing chips. Further details on this will be provided closer to the event. General information on the mixed relay can be found here.

Be sure to keep your race identification materials in good condition over the weekend of racing! Athletes registered by Friday, March 4 will receive a custom race bib at packet pickup with their last name and home state flag as noted during registration. Athletes who register March 5 or later will be assigned a non-customized race bib.

Bike Courses

Please click below to view downloadable bike course routes:

Bike Rentals and Support


Dallas-based Playtri is bringing their expert in-house mechanics to the 2022 USA Triathlon Multisport National Championships Festival to offer the highest quality rentals, repair and maintenance services for you and your bike. They'll keep you riding and racing smooth on the road! They are a full service shop available onsite to take care of additional services leading up to and on race day. Click here to learn more and book rentals or services today.

Clydesdale and Athena Weigh-in Procedure

Each championship race will offer a Clydesdale and Athena division. Clydesdales (males 220 lbs or greater) and Athenas (165 lbs or greater) must indicate their desire to be recognized as such during the registration process for each race.

All Clydesdale and Athena athletes will be required to weigh-in each race morning to be eligible for awards. The scales will be located in transition area and a staff member will be present to record the athlete's weight. Athletes should only be wearing essential race gear for the weigh-in and cannot be holding other items like nutrition or water. 

Athletes MUST meet or exceed the minimum weight each morning or prior to your first race of the day. Athletes who fail to meet the minimum weight OR who fail to weigh-in will not be eligible for Clydesdale or Athena awards. 

Gatorade logoCourse Nutrition

Gatorade Endurance formula is the Official Sports Beverage of USA Triathlon and will once again be available on the course for all athletes.

Liquid Death canned mountain water, along with Gatorade Endurance, will be available at the finish line for athletes.

Draft-Legal: Which Races are Draft-Legal and Which are Not

These races ARE draft-legal:

  • DL Sprint Triathlon
  • DL Sprint Duathlon
  • Age Group Mixed Relay

These races ARE NOT draft-legal: 

  • Super Sprint Time Trial Triathlon
  • Standard Duathlon
  • Aquathlon
  • Standard Aquabike
  • Non-Championship Olympic Triathlon

Draft-Legal events PROHIBIT the use of tri bikes and aero bars. Only road bikes may be used in draft-legal racing.

Further details on draft-legal racing rules can be found on these documents:

Draft-Legal Triathlon

Draft-Legal Duathlon

Drug Testing

USA Triathlon takes clean sport and anti-doping very seriously. In accordance with U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) regulations, athletes may be drug tested at this event. Should drug testing occur, there are strict protocols that must be followed and will be coordinated by the on-site USADA representative as well as a USA Triathlon staff member. For information on USADA, please click here. For a list prohibited and banned substances, click here.

app icon

Events App

All athletes, spectators, family, and friends are encouraged to download the USA Triathlon Events App. Users can follow the progress of athletes as they race through each of USA Triathlon’s Owned National Championships. Click here to download today.

Click here for app FAQs.

Event-Day Communications

In the event of an emergency or the need of USA Triathlon to communicate important information on event-day, please stay tuned to USA Triathlon's social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter (@usatriathlon and @USATlive), your email, the USA Triathlon Events App, and venue PA announcements.                                       

Multisport Athlete of the Year Award presented by Wahoo Fitness

With the new year, challenge yourself to set a new goal: become the 2022 age-group Multisport Athlete of the Year!

Race in at least 3 of the 4 following multisport disciplines over the course of 2022: Aquabike, Aquathlon, Duathlon and Cross (Off-Road) Triathlon.

The top overall male and top overall female athlete racing in a minimum of 6 events, with 2 events per discipline with the highest combined rankings will be honored as the 2022 Multisport Athlete of the Year. The award will also include 2 Honorable Mentions per male/female.

You can get a jump on completing your multisport races by doing several of them at the Multisport National Championships Festival. Start planning your racing season and attempt to become the first USAT Multisport Athlete of the Year.

Note: This award is based on finishes over the course of the year, not just at the Festival. The award will be determined and announced in 2023.

BOA Packet Pickup & Race Expo

The race expo and packet pickup for all events will occur at the race venue beginning Wednesday, April 27. Please visit the schedule page for hours.


Parking will be available in nearby garages for a nominal fee. Please review the important parking information on this page.

Post-Race Food

Upon finishing athletes can expect to receive the following at the post-race food tent: bananas, oranges, cookies, bagels, peanut butter cups, and chips. Gatorade and Liquid Death canned water will also be distributed at the finish line. 

Racing Aquabike and Olympic-Distance Triathlon Concurrently - Not Permitted

Due to the nature of the Standard-Distance Aquabike National Championships and Non-Championship Olympic-Distance Triathlon occurring at the same time, athletes must choose one race to participant in. Athletes are NOT permitted to race in both the Aquabike and Olympic Triathlon concurrently.

Rules Enforcement

At this USA Triathlon National Championship, rules violations will be enforced on-course. In other words, all penalties will be notified and served while the athlete is competing. Additionally, all athletes are required to complete all prescribed courses in their entirety.

For more details on how rules will be enforced at this national championship, please click here.

Race Rule Management Wetsuit Cut Off (If water temp. is below this mark, wetsuits will be allowed)
Super Sprint Time Trial National Championship USA Triathlon Rules 78 Degrees F
Open Water Swim USA Triathlon Rules 78 Degrees F
Draft Legal Triathlon National Championship World Triathlon Rules 71.6 Degrees F
Aquathlon National Championship World Triathlon Rules 71.6 Degrees F
Standard Distance Duathlon National Championship USA Triathlon Rules N/A
Mixed Relay National Championship World Triathlon Rules 71.6 Degrees F
Olympic Distance Triathlon USA Triathlon Rules 78 Degrees F
Standard Distance Aquabike National Championship USA Triathlon Rules 78 Degrees F
Draft Legal Duathlon National Championship World Triathlon Rules N/A



The Aquathlon race format (swim/run vs. run/swim/run) for the 2022 Multisport National Championships Festival will be based on the following criteria: If the water temperature is below 71.6°F the Aquathlon’s format will change to a swim-run event with wetsuits being optional, unless the water temperature is at or below 60.62°F, then wetsuits will be mandatory for all age groups.  If the water temperature is 71.6°F or greater and less than 76.28° the format will remain a run-swim-run event and wetsuits will be optional for all age groups. If the water temperature is 76.28°F or greater the format will remain a run-swim-run event and wetsuits will be forbidden for all age groups.  


USA Triathlon Rules Amendment and procedure

Determination of the Aquathlon race format and procedure for timing for measuring water temperature to determine wetsuit use and Aquathlon race format



USA Triathlon Sportsmanship Creed

As competitive athletes and members of the triathlon community, you know there is no better feeling than succeeding in your endeavors in sport. As a competitor at USA Triathlon events, you have a responsibility to demonstrate the highest standards of sportsmanship per the USA Triathlon Rulebook (Article III, Sections 3.3 and 3.4, Line b.), and as such, should always show respect for the sport, your fellow athletes, race staff, officials, volunteers and spectators. Each individual athlete shares this responsibility, which includes refraining from the use of improper language and conduct detrimental to the community at large. This rule will be strictly enforced and disrespectful language or conduct will not be tolerated.

For more information on USA Triathlon rules and sportsmanship, please reference the USAT Competitive Rules.   

Transition Area

All athletes will receive one bib number regardless of the number of races one is competing in (except Mixed Relay). As each athlete will have one number, athletes will rack at the same spot in transition area for each race they are competing in (except Mixed Relay). Bibs have been assigned by age group, thus athletes will be racked with their respective age group for each race. 

For the mixed relay, there will be a separate set of racks numbed by team and bib number. Each team will have a number and each participant will be assigned A, B, C, or D. For instance, racks will have the numbers 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, or 25A, 25B, 25C, 25D, etc.

For athletes who wish to bring both their road bikes and triathlon bikes, we will offer a separate set of 'bike parking' racks in transition area to store bikes between races.

Bikes are NOT permitted to be stored overnight and must be removed from your rack spot after the completion of each race. USA Triathlon is not responsible for bikes left overnight.

Timing Chips

Timing chips must be returned after the event - they are NOT disposable. Regardless of the number of races you are participating in, you will receive one chip. Your chip must be returned at the completion of your final race at the finish line. Please keep your chip until the completion of your final race. 

Athletes participating in the Mixed Relay will receive a separate chip from the other races. Each four-person team must be present to check-in and receive their timing chips on race day. Each team member will receive their own chip. This chip must be returned at the finish line.

If you forget to return your chip, you can return it by mail. Lost chips result in a $95 replacement fee. Mail lost chips to:

Sportstats USA

112 54th St. SW Suite 106
Grand Rapids, MI 49548

Volunteers Needed!

Volunteer for This Event

Volunteers are critical to a safe a successful event! If you, a friend, a family member, or your organization can spare time to volunteer at one or multiple shifts, your time is greatly appreciated. There are flexible shifts available with numerous opportunities to participate, including supporting course aid stations, registration, finish line and more. All volunteers will be provided with a meal and shirt for their time.

USA Triathlon events could not be executed without the support of our volunteers, so thank you in advance for the part you will play in helping our athletes chase their goals/dreams and achieve competitive excellence. If you have any questions or run in to any issues when registering as a volunteer, please reach out to

Water Temperature and Quality 

Water Temperature for Aquathlon Race Format

Water temperature as of 11 a.m. CT on April 28 – 70.2 degrees

Water temperature will be taken again at 6 a.m. CT on April 29 to make the final determination for the format


Procedure for Timing for Measuring Water Temperature to Determine Wetsuit Use and Aquathlon Race Format


The water temperature reading for the Aquathlon decision will be taken using the Super Sprint Time Trial reading OR the Draft Legal Triathlon reading. If the Time Trial water temperature reading on Thursday morning is below 70 degrees, the decision to change to a Swim-Run will be made at that time (approx.. 11am Thurs morning). If the temperature is at 70 degrees or above at that time, we will utilize the water temperature on Friday morning (approx. 6am) from the Draft Legal Triathlon race to make the decision for the Aquathlon which is the following Friday afternoon. In addition, water temperature will be taken each morning  and USA Triathlon will take a shoreline temperature on the afternoon of April 26 with the understanding the water temperature is likely to change.

As of April 20, 2022, the water temperature is 69 degrees F. Expect the temperature to be between 66-70 during the event.

Water quality

USA Triathlon is committed to providing safe racing experience for all athletes. Please see below for links to water quality reports from Lake Carolyn.