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Venue Address

All races will take place at Levy Event Plaza, 501 E Las Colinas Blvd, Irving, Texas 75039.


The following award categories will be presented at the 2022 Multisport National Championships Festival, each category going three places deep, except for Mixed Relay (see relay section below).

  • Standard Duathlon, Standard Aquabike, Non-Championship Olympic-distance Triathlon: Ages 17-19, 20-24, 25-29, etc. through 85-89 or older.
  • Aquathlon, Draft-Legal Sprint Triathlon, Draft-Legal Sprint Duathlon, Super Sprint Time Trial: Ages 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, etc. through 85-89 or older.
  • Clydesdale and Athena awards will be provided for each championship event: Clydesdales 39 and under, 40-59, 60+ and Athenas 39 and under, 40-54, 55+.
  • The Open Water Swim competition will offer awards to the top three in each male/female category: overall, 15-39, 40-59, 60+.
  • PC Open (physically challenged open division) awards will go to the top three overall males and females in these races: Open Water Swim, Aquathlon, Standard Duathlon, Standard Aquabike, Olympic-Triathlon, Super Sprint Time Trial. The PC Open division is not available for the Mixed Relay, Draft-Legal Triathlon and Draft-Legal Duathlon.

For specific race entry and award eligibility requirements, please see the registration page. Clydesdales and Athenas will race in their respective age group. But those who have identified as a Clydesdale or Athena during registration are ALSO eligible for separate Clydesdale and Athena awards.

Award categories are subject to change pending final event participation numbers.

Mixed Relay Awards

Awards will be distributed three places deep based on the cumulative total of the team's ages. 

  • 100 combined years and under
  • 101-130 combined years
  • 131-160 combined years
  • 161-190 combined years
  • 191-220 combined years
  • 221-250 combined years
  • 251-280 combined years
  • 281-310 combined years
  • 311+ combined years

For example, a team consisting of people aged 60, 62, 59, and 62 would have 243 total combined years and be eligible for the 221-250 age division. A team consisting of four people each aged 25 years or younger would be eligible for 100 years and under division.

Awards will be three deep per category for teams comprised of two males and two females ONLY.

Each combined age category will also award the top Clydesdale and Athena team assuming that each athlete has met the weigh-in criteria (220+ lbs for males and 165+ lbs for females).

More details on the mixed relay and worlds qualification can be found on this page.

Multisport Master

Do you have what it takes to finish 5 or more races at the Multisport National Championships Festival? Are you a true master of swimming, biking and running? Don’t miss your chance to be crowned a Multisport Master! As part of the first ever Multisport National Championships Festival, athletes who finish five or more races will earn the title of Multisport Master. This proves you truly are a master of multisport. Newly crowned masters will receive a special award (TBA) for their accomplishment at the final awards ceremony on Sunday, May 1. The only requirement is finishing five or more races.

Multisport Athlete of the Year

The Multisport National Championships Festival is a great path to be crowned the 2022 Multisport Athlete of the Year! Click here or scroll down to view details and requirements. This award is based on finishes over the course of the year, not just at the Festival.

Awards Ceremonies

The awards ceremonies will take place each evening for the days respective races. The location will be nearby the venue and posted here once confirmed.

All-American Recognition

The USA Triathlon National Rankings are one of the great benefits you receive as a USA Triathlon annual member. Rankings allow you to see how you stack up against friends, family, co-workers and others in your age group across the country. This year, we will also be awarding All-American status for National Championships. At the Multisport National Championships Festival, the top 10% of athletes per age group will earn this recognition in all national championship races. Upon completion of the event, an electronic certificate will be sent to each athlete honoring their accomplishment. In addition, a complete list of all member rankings is posted right here

Aquathlon National Championships Format

The format of Aquathlon Nationals will depend on the projected water temperature. For this race, the wetsuit cutoff is 71.6 degrees F. If the projected water temperature during race week is at or below 71.6 degrees F, the format will be a 1000m swim and 5k run. If the projected water temperature is above 71.6, the format will be a 2.5k run, 1000m swim, 2.5k run. The decision on race format will be made closer to the event. The average water temperature in late April is between 66-70 degrees F.

playtriBike Rentals and Support

Dallas-based Playtri is bringing their expert in-house mechanics to the 2022 USA Triathlon Multisport National Championships Festival to offer the highest quality rentals, repair and maintenance services for you and your bike. They'll keep you riding and racing smooth on the road! They are a full service shop available onsite to take care of additional services leading up to and on race day. Click here to learn more and book rentals or services today.

Clydesdale and Athena Weigh-in Procedure

Each championship race will offer a Clydesdale and Athena division. Clydesdales (males 220 lbs or greater) and Athenas (165 lbs or greater) must indicate their desire to be recognized as such during the registration process for each race.

All Clydesdale and Athena athletes will be required to weigh-in each race morning to be eligible for awards. The scales will be located in transition area and a staff member will be present to record the athlete's weight. Athletes should only be wearing essential race gear for the weigh-in and cannot be holding other items like nutrition or water. 

Athletes MUST meet or exceed the minimum weight each morning or prior to your first race of the day. Athletes who fail to meet the minimum weight OR who fail to weigh-in will not be eligible for Clydesdale or Athena awards.

Course Completion Rule: USA Triathlon National Event Policy for Completion of Entire Course: Rule 3.4a Entire Course

The USA Triathlon policy governing decisions on the question of the completion of the entire course of any National Event shall be: “Athletes must complete the entire course as prescribed, including all segments in the correct segment order as prescribed by race management. Any failure to so complete the entire course shall be deemed to constitute an unfair time advantage, regardless of overall timing data for the individual athlete, and shall result in disqualification.” 

Gatorade logoCourse Nutrition

Gatorade Endurance formula is the Official Sports Beverage of USA Triathlon and will once again be available on the course for all athletes.

Draft-Legal: Which Races are Draft-Legal and Which are Not

These races ARE draft-legal:

  • DL Sprint Triathlon
  • DL Sprint Duathlon
  • Age Group Mixed Relay

These races ARE NOT draft-legal: 

  • Super Sprint Time Trial Triathlon
  • Standard Duathlon
  • Aquathlon
  • Standard Aquabike
  • Non-Championship Olympic Triathlon

Draft-Legal events PROHIBIT the use of tri bikes and aero bars. Only road bikes may be used in draft-legal racing.

Drug Testing

USA Triathlon takes clean sport and anti-doping very seriously. In accordance with U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) regulations, athletes may be drug tested at this event. Should drug testing occur, there are strict protocols that must be followed and will be coordinated by the on-site USADA representative as well as a USA Triathlon staff member. For information on USADA, please click here. For a list prohibited and banned substances, click here.

app icon

Events App

All athletes, spectators, family, and friends are encouraged to download the USA Triathlon Events App. Users can follow the progress of athletes as they race through each of USA Triathlon’s Owned National Championships. Click here to download today.

Click here for app FAQs.

Event-Day Communications

In the event of an emergency or the need of USA Triathlon to communicate important information on event-day, please stay tuned to USA Triathlon's social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter (@usatriathlon and @USATlive), your email, the USA Triathlon Events App, and venue PA announcements.                                       

Multisport Athlete of the Year Award

With the new year, challenge yourself to set a new goal: become the 2022 age-group Multisport Athlete of the Year!

Race in at least 3 of the 4 following multisport disciplines over the course of 2022: Aquabike, Aquathlon, Duathlon and Cross (Off-Road) Triathlon.

The top overall male and top overall female athlete racing in a minimum of 6 events, with 2 events per discipline with the highest combined rankings will be honored as the 2022 Multisport Athlete of the Year. The award will also include 2 Honorable Mentions per male/female.

You can get a jump on completing your multisport races by doing several of them at the Multisport National Championships Festival. Start planning your racing season and attempt to become the first USAT Multisport Athlete of the Year.

Note: This award is based on finishes over the course of the year, not just at the Festival. The award will be determined and announced in 2023.

Packet Pickup & Race Expo

The race expo and packet pickup for all events will occur at the race venue beginning Wednesday, April 27. Please visit the schedule page for hours.


Parking will be available in nearby garages for a nominal fee. More details will be posted here closer to the event.


USA Triathlon Sportsmanship Creed

As competitive athletes and members of the triathlon community, you know there is no better feeling than succeeding in your endeavors in sport. As a competitor at USA Triathlon events, you have a responsibility to demonstrate the highest standards of sportsmanship per the USA Triathlon Rulebook (Article III, Sections 3.3 and 3.4, Line b.), and as such, should always show respect for the sport, your fellow athletes, race staff, officials, volunteers and spectators. Each individual athlete shares this responsibility, which includes refraining from the use of improper language and conduct detrimental to the community at large. This rule will be strictly enforced and disrespectful language or conduct will not be tolerated.

For more information on USA Triathlon rules and sportsmanship, please reference the USAT Competitive Rules.   

Timing Chip

Timing chips must be returned after the event - they are NOT disposable. If you are participating in multiple races, you will receive a separate chip for each race. Your chip must be returned at the completion of your race at the finish line. If you forget to return your chip, you can return it by mail. Lost chips result in a $95 replacement fee. Mail lost chips to:

Sportstats USA

88 54th St. SW Suite 106
Grand Rapids, MI 49548

Volunteers Needed!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for USA Triathlon.  We hope that you are able to find a volunteer position that works for you.  There are flexible shifts available with numerous opportunities to participate, including supporting course aid stations, registration, finish line and more. 

USA Triathlon events could not be executed without the support of our volunteers, so thank you in advance for the part you will play in helping our athletes chase their goals/dreams and achieve competitive excellence. If you have any questions or run in to any issues when registering as a volunteer, please reach out to

Volunteer registration link is coming soon.

Water Temperature

The average water temperature in Lake Carolyn at the end of April is between 66-70 degrees F. Expect the water quality to be good as the lake is part of the nearby Trinity River system, keeping the body of water consistently refreshed.