qualificationQualifying for Olympic-Distance Age Group Nationals

Have you qualified for Olympic-Distance Age Group Nationals? The following information will explain the qualification process. Please read all of the following information before contacting USA Triathlon to inquire about your qualification status.

The only way to register is by clicking the unique link provided in your qualification email.

Some qualification details and percentages have changed from previous years. Be sure to read thoroughly to know if you qualified!

The image to the right is an example of what your email will look like!

What events qualify for Age Group Nationals? 

To qualify for Olympic-Distance Age Group Nationals, you must finish a USAT Sanctioned age group triathlon of any distance. Distances can be as short as super-sprint and as long as ultra-distance (full IRONMAN). These events can include on-road and off-road races. Olympic-Distance Age Group Nationals is the only USA Triathlon National Championship which requires this strict qualification. 

There is no qualification required to participate in Age Group Sprint Nationals.

What Category Must I Participate In To Qualify?

To qualify, you must participate in an age group category. Participating in an Elite, Open, Athena, Clydesdale, etc. category will not qualify you. Qualification is based on the finish in the athlete's age group, not where the athlete is extended an award. For example, if an athlete wins an overall award at an event and is removed from their age group, they will be placed back in their respective age group for purposes of qualification and the USAT rankings database.

If Jane Doe is the overall female champion at an event and does not take first place in her age group at that event (because the race director removes her), Jane Doe will be placed back in her respective age group in the results that the race director submits to USAT for qualification purposes.

What Age Must I Be To Qualify?

To qualify for 2019 Olympic-Distance Age Group Nationals, athletes must beat least age 17 as of December 31, 2019. Athletes can be age 16 on the day of the event as long as they are going to turn 17 by December 31.

What is the Qualification Period for 2019?

The qualification period for 2019 Age Group Nationals began on July 6, 2018. The qualification period will end on August 2, 2019. Registration will close eight days before the event occurs or when the event sells out (whichever comes first).

What is the Qualification Period for 2020?

The qualification period for 2020 Age Group Nationals will begin on July 1, 2019. The qualification period will end on July 31, 2020. Registration will close eight days before the event occurs or when the event sells out (whichever comes first).

Please note: If the event you qualified in falls in both qualification periods (2019 and 2020), then you qualify for Olympic-Distance Age Group Nationals in both years. You will be able to register for the 2020 event once registration opens. After registration opens for 2020 in late-summer/early-fall 2019, qualified athletes will receive the same qualification emails as they did for 2019, but with a new link for 2020 registration.

How Do I qualify?

There are five different means of qualification.

Qualification Path #1: General USAT Sanctioned Age Group Triathlons 

Updated for 2019

The first way to qualify is through a normal USAT Sanctioned age group triathlon. These events include all non-championship events. To qualify, athletes must either place first or in the top 15% of finishers in their age group.

** Note: If there are 25 athletes in an age group and an athlete places fourth or higher, they have qualified for the 2019 Olympic-Distance Nationals. If an athlete places fifth out of 25 they have not qualified.

Qualification Path #2: Regional Championships and State Championships

Updated for 2019

The second way to qualify is through a USA Triathlon Regional or State Championship event.

Regional championships will qualify the top 35% or top five (5) finishers in an age group (whichever is greater) in only the Olympic-Distance race at that event. No other distance or discipline at Regional Championships will allow for qualification. Regional championships are listed on this page.

State championships will qualify the top 25% of finishers in an age group in only the Olympic-Distance race at that event. No other distance or discipline at State Championships will allow for qualification. State championships are listed on this page.

Qualification Path #3: Last Year's Age Group National Championships

The third way to qualify is by participating in the previous year’s Age Group sprint, Olympic-distance, or long course triathlon national championships.

The top 33% or top ten (10) finishers (whichever is greater) in each age group at any of the above 2018 National Championships will automatically qualify for 2019.

Qualification Path #4: Team USA and All-American Status

The fourth way to qualify is to be a member of Team USA or be an All-American.

Any athlete who competed as a member of Team USA in 2018 in triathlon (sprint, Olympic/standard, or long course distances) will automatically qualify. Qualification can not be met from participation more than one year prior.

All-Americans from the 2018 USA Triathlon National Rankings automatically qualify.

Qualification Path #5: Race Score Earned based on Age

The fifth way to qualify is by earning a race score equal to or greater than the score listed in the table at the bottom of this page for your current age group and discipline. For instance, in 2019 if your race age is 49, you are a man, and you participated in an Off-Road Triathlon, you would need to earn a score of 99.635. The table at the bottom of this page is based on national rankings scores earned by All American athletes in 2018, for that gender, age group, and discipline. To check your score from a race you have completed, please click here, then search for your name or your race.

See table below

Note on Rounding:

When performing qualification calculations, USA Triathlon will round to the next whole number. For instance if there are twenty-five (25) people in and age group and only the top 15% qualify, the top four (4) finishers in that age group will qualify. This is because 15% of 25 = 3.75. Therefore, we will round up to fourth place (4).

How Do I Know If I Have Qualified?

If you have qualified through the above criteria, you will automatically receive the “You’ve Qualified” email from USA Triathlon (see sample picture at the top of this page). Your unique registration link is in that email. That link will be valid until registration closes.

I Believe I Qualified, But I Have Not Received Notification

If you believe you have qualified, but have not yet received notification, please first check your email and spam or junk folders. Once you have checked your email and confirmed that you have not received notification of qualification, please consider the following:

  1. Results are not submitted instantly to USA Triathlon. Race directors have fifteen (15) days to submit results to USA Triathlon. Regardless of when the race director submits results, you cannot qualify until USAT receives official results from the race director. Once results are received by USAT, they are processed by the rankings department within a few business days. Qualification emails will then go out automatically. Please wait at least fifteen (15) days before contacting USAT to see if results have been submitted for your event.
  2. Athletes in your age group may have been removed for an overall award. If an athlete in your age group won an overall award (I.E. overall male, overall masters, overall grand masters, etc.), they will be placed back in to their respective age group for qualification and rankings purposes. If you placed first in your age group at your race, but the overall winner is normally in your age group, they will be placed back into your age group and you will have officially finished in second place for qualification purposes.
  3. If you competed in an elite, open, Athena, or Clydesdale wave at an event, you cannot qualify. The only category you can compete in to qualify is an age group category.
  4. The only events that can qualify must be USA Triathlon Sanctioned. If the event you competed in was not sanctioned by USAT, you cannot qualify. If an event is sanctioned by USAT, you will know this because you should have either signed the USA Triathlon waiver for a one-day membership, entered your annual member number at registration, and/or showed your USAT annual membership card to pick-up your race packet.
  5. If none of the above options apply to you, please email the National Events department.

How Can I Check The Results USAT Currently Has On File?

To view all USA Triathlon sanctioned events that you have participated in, please click here. Then, either enter your full name or USAT annual member number. Please note: if results have not yet been submitted by the race director, they will not appear on this database yet.

Can I Defer My Qualification To Next Year?

No. Qualification cannot be deferred to the following year. Athletes must re-qualify each year. Additionally, USA Triathlon has a strict no transfer, deferment, or refund for any reason policy that you must agree to in order to register for the event. Please note: when registering for the event, you can purchase registration insurance in Active through BookingProtect.com Insurance.

Note on Athenas and Clydesdales

Since ITU does not support a division for Athenas and Clydesdales at its Sprint and Olympic-Distance World Championships, USA Triathlon will not be supporting an Athena and Clydesdale division at the Age Group National Championships. If the athlete’s intent is to qualify for either the Sprint or Olympic-Distance World Championships, they will need to compete in the wave corresponding with their age group at the USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships. Again, since the Age Group National Championships will no longer support the Clydesdale and Athena division, all athletes will need to meet qualification in the athlete’s respective age group at a Sanctioned Event when qualifying.

Note on Event Changes Due to Unsafe Conditions

If a triathlon is changed to a duathlon more than 24 hours before the scheduled start of the event, it will be considered a duathlon and will not qualify for Age Group Nationals. If the triathlon is changed to a duathlon less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled race start, it will still be ranked as a triathlon and will qualify for Age Group Nationals.

Qualification Path #5 Table

Discipline Gender Age Group Overall Score
Triathlon M 0-15 90.292
Triathlon M 16-17 93.440
Triathlon M 18-19 96.950
Triathlon M 20-24 98.226
Triathlon M 25-29 96.429
Triathlon M 30-34 94.704
Triathlon M 35-39 92.077
Triathlon M 40-44 89.929
Triathlon M 45-49 88.626
Triathlon M 50-54 87.864
Triathlon M 55-59 84.915
Triathlon M 60-64 81.768
Triathlon M 65-69 78.315
Triathlon M 70-74 72.491
Triathlon M 75-79 65.908
Triathlon M 80-84 64.813
Triathlon M 85-89 47.942
Triathlon F 0-15 89.104
Triathlon F 16-17 92.659
Triathlon F 18-19 91.992
Triathlon F 20-24 92.612
Triathlon F 25-29 94.024
Triathlon F 30-34 93.111
Triathlon F 35-39 91.503
Triathlon F 40-44 90.407
Triathlon F 45-49 86.813
Triathlon F 50-54 86.514
Triathlon F 55-59 84.554
Triathlon F 60-64 80.082
Triathlon F 65-69 75.895
Triathlon F 70-74 76.172
Triathlon F 75-79 63.955
Triathlon F 80-84 56.842
Triathlon F 85-89 48.501
Triathlon F 90-94 37.123
Off-Road Triathlon M 0-15 100.747
Off-Road Triathlon M 16-17 119.628
Off-Road Triathlon M 18-19 105.574
Off-Road Triathlon M 20-24 95.621
Off-Road Triathlon M 25-29 112.740
Off-Road Triathlon M 30-34 104.617
Off-Road Triathlon M 35-39 103.211
Off-Road Triathlon M 40-44 101.219
Off-Road Triathlon M 45-49 102.012
Off-Road Triathlon M 50-54 99.263
Off-Road Triathlon M 55-59 92.128
Off-Road Triathlon M 60-64 88.167
Off-Road Triathlon M 65-69 81.467
Off-Road Triathlon M 70-74 75.297
Off-Road Triathlon M 75-79 50.210
Off-Road Triathlon F 0-15 80.561
Off-Road Triathlon F 16-17 82.976
Off-Road Triathlon F 20-24 104.406
Off-Road Triathlon F 25-29 103.249
Off-Road Triathlon F 30-34 98.367
Off-Road Triathlon F 35-39 99.843
Off-Road Triathlon F 40-44 101.843
Off-Road Triathlon F 45-49 98.119
Off-Road Triathlon F 50-54 92.256
Off-Road Triathlon F 55-59 96.775
Off-Road Triathlon F 60-64 85.370
Off-Road Triathlon F 65-69 74.017