USAT Paratriathlete Annual Membership Option

A paratriathlete membership option is available for athletes who have a permanent physical or visual impairment that impacts their ability to participate in the sport of triathlon without certain rules accommodations, adaptations or special equipment.

Click here to read more about who is eligible to apply for this license.

Adults (18+) cost $50

Youth (17 and under) cost $15

To purchase/renew a USA Triathlon Annual Paratriathlete Membership, please log in to your account to renew (or create an account by purchasing a new membership). After the purchase/renewal has been made, please log in to your account and click on the red “My Account” button. Once inside your account, click on the “Membership” tab and select “Para Application”. Once this application has been filled out and submitted, it will be sent to our staff for review. Once reviewed, you will be notified as to whether or not your application was approved and a new membership card will be sent out. If you already have an active membership, please just submit the Para application online; you do not have to renew your membership to obtain Paratriathlete status if you currently have an active membership. Please note, any athlete that has applied for Paratriathlete status following 12/1/2015 does not need to renew the Paratriathlete status; only the membership needs to be renewed.


USAT Paratriathlon Elite Annual Membership Option

A paratriathlon elite membership option is available for elite paratriathletes who have met the qualification criteria outlined by USAT.

Click here to view the qualification criteria. *updated as of March 21, 2019

To obtain this license you can do so online by logging into your membership profile.