Starting on Feb. 1, 2021, USA Triathlon will be rolling out a new club structure and benefits that will be effective on Feb. 1, 2021. This new club programming will benefit and engage clubs at a higher level. We are excited about the opportunities this program will bring the multisport community and more information will be released in a few short weeks. Please contact with any specific questions you have as we transition.



2021 Club Registration Fees

  More information is coming soon. 

Start a Club

   More information is coming soon. 

Editing Your Club Info

   More information is coming soon. 

Activating Your Personal USA Triathlon Membership Account

To manage your club account, you must have an active adult annual membership. If you already have an account, please move to the "Registering a New Club" section.

  1. Please visit the USA Triathlon webpage to become a USA Triathlon Annual Member.
  2. Select the red "Join" link to the right.
  3. Enter Last Name, Birth Date, and Gender and click "Submit".
  4. If you have a membership with USA Triathlon, a list of potential matching accounts will be displayed.  If you need to reset your password to be able to log into your account, select "Reset Password." You can then log into your USA Triathlon account to renew your membership by selecting "Renew" on your homepage. 
  5. Verify membership data is correct by reviewing data and clicking "Submit" on each screen.
    • If you are a member of registered USA Triathlon Club, please contact your club administrator to ensure you are listed on the club roster within the club profile.  Each club administrator has access to the club profile within our database and is responsible to maintain a current club roster in our database.
  6. Once you have a current USA Triathlon Membership, follow the steps below to register your club.
  7. Contact with questions.

Verifying Official Club Status

Once you register your club online, please print your 2021 club membership certificate via your online club profile. Be sure to check for your club listing under Find a Club. Allow at least three weeks for your listing to appear. Thanks for your help to update and expand the triathlon club community!

If you have any other club registration questions, feel free to email Clubs.

USA Triathlon Certified Club Terms and Conditions

Please review this document. Email with any questions.