Collegiate runners interested in the CRP should follow these steps:

  1. Look at the time standards below. Collegiate runners meeting at least one 3,000m through 10,000m time have reached the “A” standard in the run. Runners close to the run times will be considered based on history at their collegiate program, how they matched with their collegiate program, time in the sport and injury history. These runners will be further assessed by running a 1,000m and 1,600m separated by three days and outside of competition as a time trial. The athlete will also be asked to send run video.

    CRP Run Standards

    Note: The 1,000m is not a “qualifying” standard. It is only used to determine pace increase relative to 1,600m in order to better understand running endurance athlete type.

  2. Runners contact Barb Lindquist ( She will reply with an informational email, which includes questions to learn more about the athlete and a wealth of information about the sport. Barb has over 40 documents in her library covering a range of topics from technique, how to buy a bike, transitions, sponsorship, and putting a training week together. Barb can also include the athlete on a weekly swim workouts email, arming the runner with sets and drills to work on in the pool. 
  3. Runners complete the 100/500 swim test off of 1-3 weeks of training. The test is a 100 from a push all out, 1-minute rest, 500 from a push all out. If performed in a meters pool, the test is a 100/400. This is a “cold turkey” first try of the test and athletes will in no ways be omitted from consideration for a poor result.
  4. After the first swim test is complete, the athlete can send swim footage to Barb and she will give technique feedback and drills upon which to focus. 
  5. While continuing communication with Barb, runners spend 2-4 months focusing on swimming. The actual length of this focus period depends on whether the athlete is done with NCAA eligibility or not. Athletes use Barb’s workouts or join a master’s team, retesting the 100/500 every month so that progression can be observed. Barb continues mentorship by helping the athlete navigate the purchasing of gear, selecting races, training for the bike, and putting all the pieces together in a weekly pattern. To become a CRP Bona Fide recruit, an athlete must meet the following standards:  Female: 1:06/6:25, Male: 56/5:45
  6. It is important to note that these times are not end goals; they are based on the assumption that the athlete has clear progression capabilities in the swim. Thus, an athlete cannot train for a year, 5 five times a week, meet this standard, and then become a Bona Fide recruit.
  7. Once a runner becomes a Bona Fide recruit, the level of USA Triathlon support increases. Becoming a Bona Fide recruit means that USA Triathlon sees potential for the athlete to become an Olympic medalist; thus, the standard is high. Please click here to learn more about the opportunities that come next.