Moving Toward Scholarship

By meeting the “A” Standard in the primary sport and testing standard in the other sport, the athlete is provided with more resources to become eligible for earning a CRP Scholarship.

Depending on what the athlete’s status is in regards to NCAA eligibility, the following are ways USAT fast tracks the transfer of talent from NCAA single sport athlete to collegiate recruit to CRP Scholarship recipient:

  • Coaching from a local, experienced triathlon coach. This coach will write weekly workouts within an annual training plan and help the athlete connect into the local triathlon community
  • Intensified mentorship for the athlete and the coach with the CRP Manager
  • Opportunity to attend a cycling camp prior to the Clermont (FL) Elite Development Race in March or a 9-day summer camp at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Assistance with equipment through USAT sponsors
  • Guidance on race selection in order to earn an elite license

CRP Scholarship for the Runner

To be considered for a CRP Scholarship, the runner must meet the following swim standards for the 100/500 swim test. The 3x8x100 test consists of three sets of 8x100 yards with 30 seconds rest between each set. The first set needs to be completed on the first interval written (1:20 for men) and whatever remains of that interval is recovery time. For example, if the male athlete completes the first 100 in 1:13, he has seven seconds recovery and then starts his second 100. The second set has an interval five seconds faster (1:15 for men), and the last set is five seconds faster yet again. Only the interval needs to be made and no specific paces need to be held.






 Male  56/5:25  1:20/1:15/1:10


If the date at which a historical run standard is set exceeds six months, a Proof of Run is required. Proof of Run can be done as either a 5km certified road race, a 3000m or 5000m race, a 3000m or 5000m time trial, or a 5000m or a 3000m test set (see below).

 Female  5000m TT 4x1600m (90sec recovery)  3000m TT  1200/2x1000/800 (recovery 75s/60s/60s) 

 Sub 17:00 


5:26 or better average 81.5 or better for 400m




400m average of 77.4 or better

1200 — 3:52.2

1000s — 3:13.5

800 — 2:34.8


 Male 5000m TT  4x1600m (90 sec recovery) 3000m TT  1200/2x1000/800 (recovery 75s/60s/60s) 



4:43.2 or better average 70.8 or better for 400m




 400m average of 67.2 or better

1200 — 3:21.5

2x1000s — 2:48

800 — 2:14.1

CRP Scholarship for the Swimmer

A swimmer must meet the “A” swim standard for the 100/500 and the 3x8x100 along with one of following run times:







 2 Mile




 Male  8:40 9:16   9:20  14:45


CRP Scholarship

The CRP Scholarship includes the following to allow the recipient to train full-time in an approved Squad environment:

  • Living expense stipend
  • Travel support to approved races
  • Coaching stipend
  • Triathlon equipment from USAT sponsors
  • Single to multi-year development plan focused on reducing weaknesses and building on strengths
  • USAT and USOC High Performance staff support, including psychological work and performance testing

Before a CRP Scholarship is awarded, USAT staff and approved Squad coaches will have multiple opportunities to see the athlete in a camp and in their Squad environment. The athlete will also have the opportunity to experience training with a Squad in order to assess squad/coach compatibility.

The Scholarship process is divided into roughly four 6-month periods covering a maximum duration of two years. Each period has a specific focus and corresponding markers to hit in order to continue to receive support for the next 6-month period: 

  • First six-month period — Skills Acquisition. Emphasis on skills-based markers and progressions for non-primary disciplines while maintaining primary sport strength
  • Second six-month period — Introduction to Racing. Skills and conditioning markers are still required while Continental Cup (or lower ranked level draft-legal ITU races such as American Cup) results start to come into play
  • Third six-month period — Racing. Skills markers are only in place for areas that continue to be limiters. Race result now supersede skills markers, requiring the achievement of at least one National Team criteria marker
  • Fourth six-month period — Racing. Completion of meeting National Team criteria. Scholarship ends 

Team Psycho®

Since 2013, Team Psycho® has been a sponsor of the CRP Resident Team and Olympian Katie Zaferes. Team Psycho®, a suburban Boston-based triathlon club founded in 1991, created their Elite Development Program (EDP) as a not-for-profit program 15 years ago when the sport of triathlon was making its Olympic debut and funding for up-and-coming triathletes was scarce. Each year Team Psycho®’s EDP provides a direct stipend to athletes in order to offset costs. Their hope is that other U.S. triathlon clubs will follow their lead and provide financial support to developing athletes through USA Triathlon established programs.