CRP Resident Team

The CRP Resident Team (CRPRT) is based in San Diego, California. The primary focus is on skills development to help transition to high performance environments upon graduation from the program. Athletes train full-time and support includes:

  • Full-time, in-person coaching from the National Development Coach
  • Single to multi-year development plan focused on reducing weaknesses and building on strengths
  • Housing in various locations dependent on the best training and racing bases each year
  • Triathlon equipment from USA Triathlon sponsors, travel funding, living stipend
  • USA Triathlon and U.S. Olympic Committee High Performance staff support, including psychological work and performance testing
  • Six-month to 24-month length of program based on achieving minimum testing markers 

In order to be eligible for acceptance into the CRPRT, athlete must meet the following standards:

CRP Resident Program Standards

The run standard above is required for a runner who is three months or more removed from NCAA competition where the “A” Standard was met. This 5km is to be completed on a track as a time trial, can include pacers, and must be recorded on video with lap times shown on clip. 

Before an invitation is extended to become part of the CRPRT, the athlete will be invited by the National Development Coach for at least one in-person visit. This squad visit may be at any time between the time an athlete becomes a Bona Fide recruit and meets the standards as laid out above. The athlete can experience training in a squad environment and the coach can assess, among other factors, squad/coach compatibility, before USA Triathlon makes the final decision to accept an athlete into the program. 

Team Psycho®

Since 2013, Team Psycho® has been a sponsor of the CRP Resident Team and Olympian Katie Zaferes. Team Psycho®, a suburban Boston-based triathlon club founded in 1991, created their Elite Development Program (EDP) as a not-for-profit program 15 years ago when the sport of triathlon was making its Olympic debut and funding for up-and-coming triathletes was scarce. Each year Team Psycho®’s EDP provides a direct stipend to athletes in order to offset costs. Their hope is that other U.S. triathlon clubs will follow their lead and provide financial support to developing athletes through USA Triathlon established programs.