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About the Program

USA Triathlon’s Collegiate Recruitment Program (CRP) identifies, mentors, and supports NCAA runners and swimmers whose unique skillsets could translate—with some hard work, of course--to success in elite triathlon. 85% of USA Triathlon’s Olympians, including our 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist (Gwen Jorgensen), have come from NCAA swimming or running backgrounds.  The program’s goal is to increase both the quality and quantity of USA Triathlon’s next generation of Olympians. Could you be next?

Since Olympic Triathlon (1,500-meter swim, 40-kilometer bike, 10-kilometer run) demands world-class proficiency across swimming, biking, and running, the ideal prospect for this program has a background or proficiency in two of the three triathlon disciplines. 

The unique challenges of triathlon—an aerobic event which demands focus, grit, determination, and execution while fatigued—can provide a medium for certain athletes to reach higher levels of achievement than they would have achieved in their single sport pursuit.  An athlete’s ceiling in a single sport (one’s size, closing speed, injury history, etc.) could be the foundation to his/her triathlon career.

The program is led by Collegiate Recruitment Program Coordinator Joe Maloy, who successfully made the transition from Boston College swimmer to Olympic and World Champion triathlete.  

Collegiate coaches or athletes who would like more information about this exciting possibility can learn more by exploring our links to “Athlete Qualification and Time Standards” and “Levels of Support.” They can also email Joe and follow the CRP on Facebook and Instagram