About USA Triathlon Magazine

Distributed to over 130,000 USA Triathlon members quarterly, USA Triathlon Magazine (formerly USA Triathlon Life) boasts the largest circulation of any triathlon magazine in the United States. Its mission is to keep members abreast of all of the exciting information for the multisport lifestyle. USAT news and events, articles on training and racing, and compelling feature stories and member profiles make this a must-read for the USAT membership.

The publication is a benefit for USA Triathlon members and is not available at newsstands.

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When quantities permit, additional copies or back issues of USA Triathlon Magazine can be purchased through USAT. The cost of each issue is $5 for members and $6 for non-members, inclusive of postage. To inquire about quantities, contact USAT Communications.


Digital Options

USA Triathlon offers members multiple ways to read USA Triathlon Magazine. With the exception of those who opt out, all members will receive a printed copy of the quarterly magazine via the U.S. Postal Service. In addition, members can view the digital version from a computer or view the iPad/iPhone version by downloading the free app in the iTunes App Store.

In our effort to be environmentally responsible, we offer members the opportunity to opt out of receiving the printed version of the magazine. To opt out and only receive the digital version, please email with the member number, name and email address of the member(s) opting out.


Unsolicited story ideas, articles and photographs are welcome, as are Letters to the Editor.

With some exceptions, USA Triathlon Magazine uses Associated Press style. Submissions should be written using a word processor software program (Microsoft Word is preferred) and emailed as an attachment to the editor-in-chief. Be sure the subject of the email reflects what type of submission is being sent.

Digital photographs should be submitted in the form of original, unedited JPEGs. Suggested captions are welcome. Photographs may be submitted via CD or e-mail. Prints also are accepted and are returned upon request. Photographer credit is published when supplied.


Member Corner

USA Triathlon annual members, we want to hear from you! Submit a photo, drawing, poem, personal essay, social media post, etc., for publication in USA Triathlon Magazine and you could be featured in Member Corner. Send submissions to with “Member Corner” in the subject line.


If you are interested in contributing to USA Triathlon Magazine, please contact the editor-in-chief via email and provide samples of your work.

Magazine Request Form

To order extra copies or back issues, download the request form here and mail with your payment (checks only, please) to:

USA Triathlon Magazine
5825 Delmonico Drive, Suite 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Limited issue quantities are available. Extra copies are $5 each for annual members and $6 each for non-members or one-day members. Please make checks payable to USA Triathlon Magazine


Cover & Photograph Reprint Requests

High-resolution digital files of USA Triathlon Magazine covers are available to purchase for $24.99 for personal use only. No commercial use is permitted. We will remove the mailing address box but leave the magazine title and cover lines unless otherwise requested. Photographs are handled on a case-by-case basis. In many cases, we can connect you with the photographer to explore purchasing a photo. Email with Magazine Photo Request or Magazine Cover Request in the subject line.






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