The USA Triathlon Election Administrator is pleased to announce the results of the 2015 national board, regional council, AAC, and athlete director election.

Thank you to all the candidates who participated and to all the members that voted. Volunteers are essential to USA Triathlon’s mission.

Congratulations to the following winners:

National Board of Directors

Mid-Atlantic Region
Chuck Graziano

Midwest Region
Barry Siff

Northeast Region
Kat Donatello

South Midwest Region
Staci Brode

National Board of Directors Athlete Director

Steve Sexton

Athlete Advisory Council

Gwen Jorgensen, Erin Jones

Regional Council Members

Florida Region
Lacey Chimienti, James Sheets, Jerry Johnson, Roger H. McVeigh, Gabriel Saavedra, Nick Valaitis

Mid-Atlantic Region
Todd Lippin, JoAnna Younts, Brenda Barrera, Robert Vigorito, Ken Modica, Cory Churches

Mideast Region
Daniel Tun, Michael Groaning, Michael Wendorf, Paul Plummer, Todd Baldi, Jereme Grinslade, Robert Garren

Midwest Region
Alex Syhlman, Jeff Mortensen, Kim J. Patrick, Carrie Tysdahl, Colin Grove, Lucy Harr

Northeast Region
Thomas C. Henell, Justin Model, Joseph Bachana

Pacific Northwest Region
Caroline E. Faure, EdD, ATC, Daniel Flahiff, Judith Ann Coyle, Jonathan A. Woodman

Rocky Mountain Region
Andie Talmadge, Byron Piatt, Scott Bennefield, Dan Frost, Jonathan Mason, Warner S. Smith III, Suzanne Martin, Joseph Gregg, Marvin L. Shockey, Jeremy R. Trembly, Traci C. Ciepiela

Southeast Region
Alex Bell, Anne Chrzanowski, Ella Haile Dunn

South Midwest Region
John Ricca

Southwest Region
J. Ritterbeck, Casey Meizinger, Judi Carbary, Muhammad Rafi, Chris Morrissey, Jeffery Carstensen