Winners of the 2018 USA Triathlon Women's Committee Awards

TRI-ing to Inspire: Allysa Seely

Allysa is a Paratriathlon gold medalist from the Rio 2016 Paralympics and is currently training at the Olympic Training Center for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. Allysa deals with her fair share of medical issues on a daily basis but she doesn't let those stop her from doing what it takes to reach her dreams. She motivates other woman to dream big regardless of their circumstnaces. Allyssa can inspire all of us to work through (or around) whatever comes our way in life!

When Allysa heard she won this award she said, “Wow! I am humbled to be selected for the TRI-ing to Inspire award. Triathlon has changed my life and I hope to pass that same feeling along to other women and women with disabilities by encouraging the to get involved in triathlon.”

Leadership in Triathlon: Celia Saya Dubey

On hearing of her award Celia commented,
"Fulfilling my life purpose of helping people ENJOY their pursuit of living a healthy active lifestyle through multi sport is an award in itself; however, I am extremely honored to receive this award by The USAT Womens' Committee. As owner operator of Total Fitness and as a coach to such wonderful students, I have my members and students to thank for providing me the opportunity to live out my dream in contributing to our community. I am grateful for my strength of body, sound mind, loyal team, & trusting students whom I share my passion for multi sport with on a daily basis."

Man of the Year: Eric Robb

Eric lives in the Chicago area, is a talented triathlete himself and very active in Dare2tri Paratriathlon Club where he both guides athletes that are visually impaired and races alongside athletes with physical disabilities. He has been a prominent guide for many of Dare2tri's female athletes and is always the first one to jump at the chance to help someone out with practice or in a race.

After learning that he received this award Eric said, "I am humbled and grateful for this recognition, and proud to support triathletes of all abilities and all genders. I hope to continue to be an enthusiastically to the USAT Women's Committee and its efforts to ensure that our sport truly is for everyone."

Eric would also like the attached photo described for any readers who have visual impairments and are unable to see the picture. 
Photo Description: Eric guiding Dare2tri Elite Team Member Ashley Eisenmenger on the run, racing with the North Central College Triathlon team.