Mission Statement

The USA Triathlon Women’s Committee is focused on creating a resource for female athletes of all levels and socioeconomic backgrounds by mentoring professional growth for women in the sport of triathlon. The Women’s Committee is concentrating on the quality of training as well as opportunities available for women in positions of authority and decision-‐‐making within associations that govern the sport. The WC is a national committee of women from all over the U.S. with a variety of professions and diverse levels of participation in triathlon.

Current Programs

  • Matching Grants Program
  • The Spirit of Judy Flannery Award (presented at Athlete of the Year dinner at USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals)
  • Leadership in Governance education programs and training
  • Events and activities at Age Group Nationals race expo
  • "The Women's Guide to Triathlon" book (Human Kinetics Publishing June 2015)
  • Webinar on Training, Leadership and Increasing Female Participation in Triathlon
  • Training articles and tips on Women's Committee Facebook Page and USA Triathlon Multisport Zone enewsletter

Learn more about the programs here.

Committee Members

Lana FountainChair  Susan Haag, Board Liaison  Kathy Matejka, Staff Liaison 
Brenda Barrera
Melissa Stockwell
Rachel Sears Casanta
Ella Haile Dunn
Tara Comer
Barb Lindquist
Kari Ebeling