The mission of the USA Paratriathlon Committee is to further the sport of paratriathlon through recruitment, education and outreach.

2019 USA Paratriathlon Committee:

2019 Objectives

  1. To create platforms to train and educate key USAT constituents such as race directors, coaches, and club leaders as a means for enabling community-level support for paratriathletes/paratriathlon programs.In 2019, our committee will continue to place special emphasis on programs that support and promote youth paratriathlon.

  2. To conduct quarterly meetings to consider the best ways of communicating with those interested in paratriathlon as participants, supporters, coaches/trainers, and organizations with programs towards development of the sport.

  3. To make timely reports on all committee activities to the Board of Directors and in public forums as appropriate.

  4. To support the growth of the database of US paratriathletes of all ability levels, named races deemed to be "paratriathlon-friendly", and other relevant data for public consumption as appropriate.

  5. To provide financial support to help with promotion of youth paratriathlete inclusion in events such as USAT Youth Nationals.

  6. To have a demonstrated presence within the 6 USAT regions that includes: Committee liaison relationships to regional councils, attendance at regional development efforts such as expos, paratriathlon championship races, clinics and educational forums.

  7. To provide grant opportunities to paratriathlon grassroots and development related programs in 2019.



The USA Paratriathlon Committee represents a collective group of individuals from different regions of the country, different adaptive sports experiences, yet singularly focused on increasing the growth of participatory paratriathlon in the United States.  To that end, the members collectively are honored to be a part of that movement.



2020 USAT Paratriathlon Friendly Designation Application

2020 USAT Paratriathlon Friendly Reapplication Final