About the Committee

In December 2000, USA Triathlon’s Board of Directors believed there was a renewed interest in the sport of Duathlon due to the corresponding growth within the multisport movement.  Since duathletes composed the second largest constituency group among USA Triathlon’s membership, the UAST Board of Directors appointed a group of athletes to comprise the Duathlon Committee.  This sole goal at that time was to have these volunteers represent the sport.  Because each of them bring something different to the discussion, as coaches, race directors and duathletes, the effectiveness of the committee was realized quickly.  From 2000 to 2008, the committee made many decisions regarding National Championship events and Team USA.  It wasn’t until October 2008, that USAT staff redefined the mission of the Duathlon Committee.  The team was tasked with the development of a comprehensive plan that focused on activities of duathlon at more of a grass roots, community and local level.

Since 2009, the Duathlon Committee has produced guidelines to organically grow the sport and to insure the long term growth potential of duathlon.  In this proposal, the Committee has identified short term and long term goals and objects for the next ten years.


Committee Members

Tonya Armstrong and Dave Lasorsa

Keri Serota
Board Liaison

Tim Yount
Staff Liaison

Tim Armstrong, Judi Carbary, Wade Gunter, Annmarie Kern, Patty Peoples, Anne Curi Preisig, Jim Preisig, Christine Hauger, Lindsey Torgerson, Carol Whipple, Nathan Dent, Jennifer Janowski and Michael Nicholson