About the Athlete Advisory Council (AAC)

The Athletes' Advisory Council is a USAT bylaw-mandated standing committee that broadens communication between USA Triathlon and elite athletes, and serves as a source of opinion and advice to USA Triathlon's Board of Directors with regard to both current and contemplated policies of USA Triathlon. The Athletes' Advisory Council makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on issues related to the needs and concerns of the elite athlete members of USA Triathlon including but not limited to:

(1) the selection of elite athlete races;

(2) the determination of qualification procedures for the selection of members to USA Triathlon's Elite National Team;

(3) the establishment and maintenance of elite rankings for USA Triathlon;

(4) the adoption, amendment and enforcement of rules relating to competitions in which elite athletes compete; and

(5) the procedure for the appointment or election of elite athletes to the United States Olympic Committee's Athlete Advisory Council

The AAC also appoints athletes to any USA Triathlon nominating and budget committee, panel empowered to resolve grievances, and any committee that prepares, approves or implements programs regarding (i) the expenditure of funds allocated to USA Triathlon by the United States Olympic Committee; or (ii) the selection of international, Olympic and Pan American Games Team members, including athletes, coaches, administrators and support staff.

The Athletes' Advisory Council consists of seven (7) members. The three (3) Athlete Directors automatically serve as members of the AAC. The remaining four (4) AAC members may be any member of the elite pool. The AAC meets once per month by conference call. All athletes who are members of the elite pool as defined here are eligible to occupy one of the four seats on the AAC that are not Athlete Director seats:

(1) within the ten (10) years preceding an election, have represented the United States in the sport of triathlon in the Olympic or Pan American Games, or an Operation Gold event, or a World Championship recognized by the ITU for which a competitive selection process was administered by USAT, or an IPC-recognized World Championship in events on the Paralympic Games program; or

(2) within the twenty-four (24) months before election, have demonstrated that they are actively engaged in amateur athletic competition by finishing in the top half of USAT's national championships or team selection competition for the events listed in paragraph (1) above; or

(3) hold a current elite license as defined by the AAC and approved by the USAT Board of Directors.

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