About the Age Group Committee

We are an advisory committee that serves at the pleasure of the National USAT Board Of Directors and our charge is to represent the interests of the Age Group Athlete in matters that come before the board. We hope that the information presented on these pages is informative, and invite you to participate on your Age Group Committee by communicating any issue you believe should be addressed, or by becoming a nominee to serve on the Committee (Board approval required).

Current Age Group Committee Members and Contact Information here.

Committee Guidelines

The Members of the Age Group Committee are appointed by the Board Of Directors. The Chair is appointed by the President. While not a requirement in the by-laws, the Board and the AGC try to ensure that every region in the country is represented on the Committee whenever possible. Those wishing to join us on the AGC should contact the Chair who will submit the nomination to the Board Of Directors for approval.

Meetings (by conference call) are held bi-monthly and the schedule for 2010 has been set for meetings to be held on the third Thursday of each month. Minutes of the meetings are recorded and approved by the AGC within a few days of the meeting. They are then circulated to the Board and posted on the minutes page.

The Age Group Committee, as stated in our mission, represents the Age Group multi-sport athlete in issue that come before the Board. Generally, the Board will request the AGC to make a recommendation on anything that impacts age groupers.

Aside from our advisory role on policy matters, the AGC oversees teh Athlete Of The Year Award and selects (through a sub-committee) its recipients each year.

The AGC also oversees the administration of the National Rankings process, and monitors it for any modifications that are needed to ensure the rankings are as accurate as possible.

Age Group Committee Sub-Committees

The AGC has several sub-committees, some of which are specific to a task and go out of existence once the task is completed, and others which are continuing in nature. Recent sub-committees have been:

Athlete Of The Year Committee
Comprised of members of the AGC as a well as representatives of the Women's Committee, Physically Challenged Committee and Duathlon Committee, this committee considers and selects Athletes Of The Year annually

National Rankings Committee
Not active currently, this committee within the last few years considered and adopted substantial changes to the formula used to establish athlete rankings.

Hall Of Fame Committee
This committee studied and made recommendations to the AGC an d Boards Of Directors on the establishment of a Hall Of Fame for USAT. The Board adopted a policy creating a Hall Of Fame in December 2007, as a result of the committee's recommendations.

Senior Task Force
This is a continuing committee that considers issues specific to senior athletes.

Grants Committee

This committee considers applications for grants, which are awarded by the AGC. Grants are available to USAT Coaches and others who conduct clinics and workshops that include, as part of their event, material specific to competitive rules, fair play and safety.

Committee Members

Contact information, and areas of responsibility for the Age Group Committee members

Grants Program

The purpose of the grant program is to support awareness, understanding and safety for the sport of triathlon. Click here for full event grant information and to download an application.


View current and past Age Group Committee Meeting Minutes.