USA Triathlon Committees

USA Triathlon gets much of its work done through the efforts of many dedicated volunteers. Volunteers help put on events and training programs and carry out national and regional tasks. There are also international opportunities with World Triathlon and CAMTRI committees. Committees have been formed to advise the USA Triathlon Board of Directors and work with the National Office and other members to promote and improve participation in multisport training and events.

USA Triathlon Committee Interest Form

If you're interested in being part of a USA Triathlon Committee, please click here to complete the Committee Interest form. 

Standing Committees

Chair Board Liaison
Staff Liaison Annual Reports (PDF)
Athlete Advisory Joel Rosinbum Joel Rosinbum
John Farra
Jacqueline McCook Jacqueline McCook
Vic Brumfield N/A
Ethics  Kevin Sullivan Chuck Graziano Nellie Viner 2018
Finance and Audit
Kevin Haas
Kevin Haas Katie Willemarck
Nominating & Governance
Judge Jones
Henry Brandon Nellie Viner


Additional USA Triathlon Committees

Board Liaison  Staff Liaison 
Annual Reports (PDF) 
Age Group
Steve Sutherland Dr. Tekemia Dorsey Tim Yount  2018
Liz Hinley            Allysa Seely  Tim Yoint 2018
Tim Armstrong & Dave Lasorsa 
Keri Serota Tim Yount
Hall of Fame
Steve Sutherland
Monica Paul Tim Yount
International Relations 
Hector Torres
Jacqueline McCook Courtney Gardner
Marketing Advisory  Justin Model
Jacqueline McCook 
Thomas Lenneberg 2018
National Championship Event Selection
Cathi Koehler Chuck Graziano Cody Crowther 2018
National Coaching
Graham Wilson & Justin Chester
Chuck Graziano
Melissa Otterbein 2018
Travis Ricks Ben Collins Amanda Duke 2018
Race Director Eva Soloman & Mark Walter Gabriela Gallegos Andy Horn 2018
Women's Committee Melissa Stockwell
Susan Haag
Megan Ritch 2018

World Triathlon Committees

Athletes Committee
Audit Committee
Coaches Committee
Constitution Committee
Credentials Committee
Medical and Anti-Doping Committee
Multisport Committee
Paratriathlon Committee
Technical Committee
Women's Committee
For more information, visit the ITU Committee webpage

PATCO Committees

Medical Committee
Audit Committee
Constitution Committee
Technical Committee
Coaches Committee
Women's Committee
For more information, visit the PATCO webpage.