How many coaches will there be for each institution’s Women’s Triathlon program?
  1. The NCAA allows for 2 coaches and one volunteer coach per discipline for Women’s Triathlon.
  2. Actual staffing will be determined by each respective institution.
Are there any required certifications to be a collegiate coach?
Currently there are not any NCAA Women’s Triathlon-specific certifications required to be a collegiate coach at an Institution-funded program.

USA Triathlon has created education materials to provide coaches with information pertaining directly to NCAA women's Triathlon. Please contact Kara Thompson at for additional information.

Where can I find a list of institutions that are sponsoring varsity programs?

Resources regarding which institutions are sponsoring Women’s Triathlon programs will be available at

Is there a list of institutions that have already been approached in regards to establishing a Women’s Triathlon program?
For information regarding institutions that have been approached by USA Triathlon or approved representatives please contact Kara Thompson at

If you have already spoken to an institution, we’re interested in hearing about it! Please contact Kara Thompson at

Do I have any restrictions on when I can coach my team?

Yes. All NCAA sports have legislation establishing in season and out of season protocols in NCAA Bylaw 17. Make sure you are working with your institution’s compliance department to ensure you remain in compliance with the NCAA.

Should I approach my institution’s athletic department to discuss starting a Women’s Triathlon program? 
This answer depends on several factors, and when considering approaching an athletic department, it’s imperative that you have the answers or an understanding of the following questions:What is your relationship with the Athletic Department?

  1. Has the Athletic Department recently added a sport?
  2. What does the Athletic Department’s financial budget look like?
  3. What is the Athletic Department’s Title IX compliance status?
  4. What facilities are available that would make a Women’s Triathlon program be advantageous?
  5. What facilities are available that would make a Women’s Triathlon program disadvantageous?
  6. What is your reasoning for wishing to speak with this specific athletic department?
  7. You need to have a well-structured and founded reasoning for speaking with the athletic department of your choice. This is important because it will require more than sport knowledge to be successful, you must represent the institution as well.

What information should I present to a collegiate Athletic Department when I speak to them about Women’s Triathlon programming?

The informational content that you present to the chosen Athletic Department must be customized and tailored to the specific institution. This means the scholarships must be crafted around the institution’s tuition costs, the facility costs calculated off of what facility structures exist or do not exist, and what the potential athlete talent pool infrastructure looks like.

Please contact Kara Thompson at for additional information and resources. 

If I become a Collegiate Triathlon Coach for an Institution-funded program, can I coach any other teams?
  1. Institution-funded team and the same institution’s club team? 
    Per a September 4, 2013, educational column, an institutional coaching staff member coaching a club team of current student-athletes (SA) is contrary to 17.02.12 and therefore is not permissible.  Specifically, NCAA playing and practice session legislation (Bylaw 17) does not preclude a coach from attending or observing organized competition involving enrolled students and/or student-athletes, provided the coach does not direct or supervise the organized activity.  However, a coach is not permitted to observe enrolled students or student-athletes in nonorganized sport-specific competition (e.g., "pick-up" basketball games) outside the playing season.
  2. Institution-funded team and a different institution’s club team?
    An institutional coaching staff member may be involved with an outside team that includes students and/or student-athletes from other four-year institutions. However, if the coach's institution has received permission to contact a particular student-athlete, then it is not permissible for the coach to be involved with an outside team that includes that student-athlete because NCAA recruiting rules begin to apply once the institution receives permission to contact per Bylaw
  3. Institution-funded team and a club (non-collegiate) team that’s in recruiting ages?
    An institution’s coaching staff member could only coach a club team that includes prospective student-athletes (see Bylaw 13.02.12) if the local sports club legislation (Bylaw is satisfied.
  4. Institution-funded team with a club (non-collegiate) team that’s not in recruiting ages? (Out of college age or under a certain age-not sure if NCAA has minimum age restrictions where athletes are not considered recruiting prospects)
    While there isn’t a “recruiting age”, Bylaw 13.02.12 defines a prospective student-athlete (PSA) for the purposes of NCAA legislation.  An institution’s coaching staff member is not precluded from coaching a club team made of adults and/or non-PSAs.