2020 High School Combines  


Mission of Combines

Grow, inspire and support the triathlon community at the NCAA level through the recruitment of high school students who have never been exposed to the disciplines of swim, bike and run.

Purpose of the Program

Expose more high school age athletes to the sport of triathlon. Second, help our current NCAA institutions increase the number of student-athletes they can recruit.

In 2014, triathlon was approved as the next Emerging Sport for Women.  For triathlon to become a full-fledged NCAA Championship sport, at least 40 NCAA Division I, II and III institutions must adopt the sport at the varsity level for women by 2024. 

Combine Background

The genesis of the combine program was in the winter of 2018 when coaches spoke about the need for help with the recruitment process.  By April 2019, USAT was working with certified USA Triathlon coaches to create combines in various areas of the U.S.  Time trials for swim and run were established for females from 12-18 years of age as a first step into tapping into some of the rich individual sport talent.  Each athlete that attended a combine was provided the opportunity to complete times for a 1600-meter run on a track and a 100-meter swim in a pool.  Additionally, each lead would speak to the virtues of the NCAA triathlon program and educate parents, coaches and athletes about the opportunity to become a recruitable athlete. All data was then recorded in a Recruit Profiles database along with other athlete details for hundreds of NCAA coaches to view times and other interests of the athletes attending the combines.

How Virtual Combines Work

The Virtual Combine gives you the flexibility to try out multisport on your own time, at your own pace, and in your own space.

You can complete the Virtual Combine inside on a treadmill, or outside on a track with the recommendation to do so with others while keeping the physical distance of six feet from any other coach, athlete or parent.  The two legs can be done all at once or broken into one leg per day. That’s the beauty of virtual racing.

Athletes will need to submit times for the following distances:

              Run = 1600 meters

              Swim = 100 meters

Athletes will submit their times electronically via our platform (link).  Athletes can also submit additional information related to interest in school, top choices for programs, competitive background, etc.   

Who should consider doing a combine time trial?

The primary focus of the combine program is to have runners and swimmers who want to not only compete in a single sport in college but also someone willing to try their hand at triathlon as well.  A fall sport, most athletes who do compete in triathlon, also excel in the other single sports and find that a full year of training and racing supports a strong fitness acumen.

Where are the NCAA programs?

Currently triathlon has 35 programs that it supports at the NCAA level, with two additional slated to be announced in June 2020.  The link to the current NCAA programs can be found here (link).  NCAA triathlon is the fifth fastest growing college women’s sport since January 2017 and will be at the 40 needed programs by 2021.  At that time, the NCAA will control the championship programming for the sport and lead other needs of triathlon as this level.