CrashCourse Brain Fly-Through

The CrashCourse Brain Fly-Through conceptualizes an otherwise “invisible injury”. It uses state-of-the art technology from Stanford University’s Neurosurgical Simulation and Virtual Reality Center. With dramatic race footage coupled with her own personal concussion experience, world mountain biking champion, Kate Courtney, takes the viewer on a journey through the human brain. This fly-through showcases the brain’s blood vessels, nervous system, and cerebrospinal fluid cavities while emphasizing the complexity and fragility of the brain, as well as the importance of caring for it.


This 8-minute Multi-Sport production was developed by award-winning nonprofit TeachAids in collaboration with USA Archery, USA Artistic Swimming, USA Baseball, USA Bobsled & Skeleton, USA Cycling, USA Diving, USA Fencing, USA Field Hockey, USA Football, USA Gymnastics, USA Hockey, US Lacrosse, US Ski & Snowboard, US Speedskating, USA Taekwondo and USA Wrestling.



The Brain Fly-Through can be accessed through the video above, or on YouTube as a standard video and in virtual reality.