2018 Pan American Beach Handball Championships Live Stream 

Final Day - Sunday, March 11, 2018 (all times in Pacific Daylight Time)

Court 1


Court 2


New to Beach Handball? Here are some helpful explanations of the sport: 

-         Players on the field:

o   4 players per team

o   1 specialist per team (in a different colored jersey)

§  The Specialist can walk into their teams’ goal area, and all of their goals are worth 2 points.

§  The goalie is a defensive specialist, and they typically sub out for an offensive specialist, giving the offense 4 field players vs 3 defensive field players (and one goalie)

o   There is no contact allowed between players

-         Goal Areas:

o   Only the team’s specialists is allowed to step within 6 meters of their goal (marked with a line on the court):

§  No player can step into the opponent’s goal area

o   Any player can jump into the area to catch or shoot a ball, but they must release it before they hit the ground

-         Substitutions:

o   Players sub on the fly, and each team subs from its own sideline

o   Players can enter and exit at any point along the sideline (but not in the goal areas)

o   Specialists can exit at any point, but must enter from their team’s goal area

-         Moving with the ball:

o   Players can only take 3 steps with the ball

o   When not moving, players can only hold the ball for 3 seconds

o   Players can pass or dribble (put the ball on the ground and pick it up)

§  Both of these reset the step count, and players can only dribble once before passing or shooting

-         Scoring:

o   1 Point – Ball goes in goal

o   2 Points – An “awesome goal” (as determined by ref)

o   An alley-oop (the player catches and shoots the ball while in the air), or a 360 shot (the players feet are point towards the goal, they jump and spin, shooting before they hit the ground) is automatically 2 points.

o   Any shot by a specialist (including goalies) is 2 points, regardless of the type of shot

-         Winning the game:       

o   2 halves to a game, both start at 0-0. Higher scoring team per half wins that half.

o   If each team wins 1 half, the game goes to a shootout.

§  In a shootout, each team gets 5 shots. The shooter will pass the ball to the goalie, who will throw it back to them as they run down the field. They get 3 steps and then must shoot- if the ball touches the ground, the shooter cannot touch the ball again. You can score either 1 or 2 points.