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Online Referee Certification Now Available

Sept. 20, 2021, 7:44 a.m. (ET)

Between July and August 2021, the National Referee Committee (NRC) offered an opportunity for community members to get their referee certification type 1.

Under the instruction of the NRC’s deputy chair, Rafael Marques, these series of classes were conducted online, and it covered the basics of team handball refereeing: the rules, game management, whistle techniques, hand signals, body language, and clips analysis.  Each class focused on a few specific rules with an open discussion about game situations.  The course then concluded with participants taking a test which included hypothetical game situations and how they should be properly handled by referees.

The NRC welcomes the new referees and celebrates the success of this initiative as an effort to grow a pool of qualified referees in the United States. Participants were from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Minnesota, Florida, and Utah.

The next series of classes for referee certification type 1 will be in November!

Are you interested in the next opportunity to receive referee certification?  

If so, email the the NRC at: